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Posted On: 2 October 2023 04:10 pm
Updated On: 2 October 2023 04:14 pm

Foodie Street: Rawdat Al Khail

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Foodie street restaurants cafes rawdat al khail

Planning your next foodie trip? Rawdat Al Khail Street is a long road that's a budding foodie hub with various eateries and trendy cafes!

On this edition of Foodie Street, the (ILQ) team takes you through what to check out there!

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Where is Rawdat Al Khail?

Rawdat Al Khail
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Rawdat Al Khail Street is an expansive road that connects Al Diwan Street on its north to Industrial Area Road on its south. For this guide, we'll take you through eateries found on the southern area of the street from D-Ring until Industrial Area Road, between Fereej Al Ali and Nuaija.

Bait Al Majbous

Bait Al Majbous
Image credit: Bait Al Majbous

Indulge in traditional Qatari dishes at Bait Al Majbous' beautiful venue that mixes modern and traditional styles.

  • Cuisine: Qatari
  • Contact: +974 4146 1434
  • Instagram: @baitalmajbousqa

Chick 'N' Pot

Chick 'N' Pot
Image credit: Chick 'N' Pot

Craving for chicken? Try Chick 'N' Pot's innovative twists to their chicken dishes, from chipo honey-sauced baby chicken to Zaataar baby chicken and more!

  • Cuisine: International
  • Contact: +974 6611 8843
  • Instagram: @chicknpotqa

Crab Pot Seafood Restaurant

Crab Pot Seafood
Image credit: Crab Pot Seafood

Seafood lovers are in for a treat at Crab Pot Seafood! Satisfy your cravings with the fresh catches of the day flavoured with delicious sauces.

  • Cuisine: International
  • Contact: +974 7477 2115
  • Instagram: @crabpotseafood

White Cafe

White Cafe
Image credit: White Cafe

Need your dose of caffeine? How about a light snack or a sweet dessert? Enjoy that and more at White Cafe.

  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Contact: +974 4436 2858
  • Instagram: @whitecafeqa

Feras Shawarma

Feras Shawarma
Image credit: Feras Shawarma

Feras Shawarma offers fresh grills, wraps, and savoury pastries! Try one of their tasty dipping sauces and thank us later.

  • Cuisine: Arabic
  • Contact: +974 4414 2219
  • Instagram: @shawarmaferas

Republic Coffee Bar & Bakery

Image credit: Republic Coffee Bar & Bakery

Get your fill of brews paired with delicious pastries and desserts! Their selection of French baked goods is addictive and a must-try!

  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Contact: +974 3030 0713
  • Instagram:

Shawarma El Mama

Shawarma El Mama
Image credit: Shawarma El Mama

Looking for your next favourite shawarma joint? Try Shawarma El Mama's yummy shawarma pockets!

  • Cuisine: Arabic
  • Contact: +974 7773 2390
  • Instagram: @shawarmaelmama

Turkish Corner Restaurant

Turkish Corner
Image credit: Turkish Corner

Turkish Corner is a local favourite for nearby residents for its deliciously filling and satisfying Turkish grills, wraps, and other delicacies.

  • Cuisine: Turkish
  • Contact: +974 4442 2416
  • Instagram: @turkishcornerqa

QBon Cafe

QBon Cafe
Image credit: QBon Cafe

Try QBon Cafe's signature brews and enjoy them with their selection of tasty sandwiches.

  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Contact: +974 3000 1311
  • Instagram: @qboncafe

Blended Cafe

Blended Cafe
Image credit: Blended Cafe

Going out for breakfast or lunch? Blended Cafe should be on your list for its deliciously healthy menu, brews, and aesthetic venue.

  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Contact: +974 5075 9590
  • Instagram:

AMP Coffee Bar

Amp Cafe
Image credit: AMP Coffee Bar

Get your caffeine fix at AMP Cafe and pair it with their selection of sweets and pastries. Their bomb chocolate balls are a must-try for those with a sweet tooth!

  • Cuisine: Cafe
  • Contact: +974 7727 7357
  • Instagram:

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