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Posted On: 11 February 2018 12:04 pm
Updated On: 25 October 2021 11:02 am

#QTip: Folks, STOP asking Qatari women this question!!!

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Chances are if you're a Qatari woman you've been asked this question a million times -- can Qatari women marry a non-Qatari man. Click to watch as Aisha puts an end to the debate once and for all!

(The answer is yes -- but there are some steps you need to follow first!) You need to get permission from the government, and also her family as well. So don't go getting too excited yet guys!

So…just what are the steps you need to take in order to marry a non-Qatari? Here’s what you need to do:

  • The prospective Qatari husband or wife will need to submit a letter addressed to the Marriage of Foreigners Committee stating who is the foreigner they want to marry. Details that must be included are nationality, a photocopy of their ID, and their guardian’s ID.
  • You’ll also need to submit the following supporting documents:
  1. A photocopy of the non-Qatari spouse's passport and a passport-size photograph.
  2. A salary certificate for both prospective spouses in Arabic.
  3. A copy of the birth certificate of the non-Qatari spouse if they were born in Qatar.
  4. A certificate of relation, if applicable.
  5. In cases of previous divorce of either prospective spouse, a copy of the divorce certificate.
  6. In cases of death of the prospective spouse's guardian, a copy of the death certificate.
  • Specifically, for Qatari females, if the their non-Qatari spouse resides outside of Qatar, a salary certificate is required, plus a verified medical certificate, and a police clearance letter for good behaviour.

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(Filmed and edited by Timothy J. Carr)