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#QTip: What does Inshallah mean? When is it wrong to say Inshallah?
What does Inshallah mean? What's the right usage of Inshallah? Watch the latest QTip episode to find out what you need to know about "Inshallah."
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#QTip: Do Qataris get paid to go to school? Get free car and land?
Do Qataris get paid to go to school and also get free car, land, house? Find out the answers in this week's episode of #QTips!
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#QTip: How do Qataris keep their thobes clean?
Have you ever wondered how Qataris keep their thobes pristine white? We got the answer for you straight from Mr. Q!
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#QTip: Things to do in Qatar from July to December 2021
Make sure to stay updated on the latest COVID-19 restrictions and follow the precautionary measures when going out of your house!
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#QTip​: How to say 'Goodbye' in Arabic?
Do you know how to say goodbye in Arabic? Watch this episode to learn five phrases you can use!
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Ramadan QTip: (Some) Reasons Why We Fast
In this first of our special Ramadan QTips, we share some of the reasons why it's important to fast.
1 July 2014
It's all thanks to you that we passed 2 million views!!! Now we're excited to hit that 10,000 subscribers barrier.
16 June 2014
#QTip: The Majlis 101 - Season Finale
All good things must come to an end! This is just the end of Season 1!
8 June 2014
#QTip: Different ways to say Goodbye in Arabic (and what they mean)
This one is a short QTIP. This time we share the different ways of saying goodbye, what they mean and what their literal translations are.
1 June 2014
#QTip: Order of Respect
In this episode, we share a little bit about who we prioritize.
25 May 2014
#QTip: What does Wasta mean?
It's time to talk Wasta. What's it all about and what does it mean?
18 May 2014
#Qtip: What Qataris eat (Qatari food)
QTip time! Time to learn about some common Qatari food :)
10 May 2014
#QTip: What to bring to a Qatari Wedding
In this episode, we explain what a Qatari wedding is like and answer a common question, "do I bring anything?"
26 April 2014
#QTip: The different ways of saying hello in Arabic (and what they mean)
In this episode of #QTips, we share a few of the different ways we say hello, and what they mean.
20 April 2014
#QTip: The Rule of 3
In this episode of #QTips, it's about doing things in three.
13 April 2014
#QTip: The last piece
In this episode of #QTips, it's about offering the last piece.
6 April 2014
#QTip: The bill fight
In this episode of #QTips, it's about fighting for the bill.
30 March 2014
#QTip 3 interesting facts about Qatari dress
In this episode of #QTips, we share three interesting facts about Qatar clothes.
24 March 2014
#QTip: Late Night Calls
In this episode of #QTips, we answer a question on calling at night.
15 March 2014
#QTip: How Qataris Kiss!
In this episode of #QTips, we answer an important one about kissing. Let's set this straight first. This is for guys and you wouldn't do this between a male and female.
9 March 2014
#Qtip: Shaking hands with the opposite sex
In this episode of #QTips, we answer a common question about hand shaking. Should I shake hands with someone of the opposite sex?
1 March 2014
#QTip: How NOT to sit!
In this episode of #QTips, we share a VERY helpful tip.
23 February 2014
#QTip: What to do when you've had enough coffee (gahwa)
In this episode of #QTips, we share a VERY helpful tip. Going to a majlis? Want the coffee (gahwa) to stop?
15 February 2014
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