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#QTip: Answering MORE of the web's most asked questions about Qatar (part 2)
Mr. Q is back to answer more of your burning questions about Qatar that you've searched on the internet! So hit that play button and enjoy!
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#QTip: Answering the web's most searched questions about Qatar (part 1)
In this latest episode of QTip, Mr. Q answers the internet's most searched questions about Qatar! Watch to find out the answers!
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#QTip: When did Qatar gain its independence?
Did you know that Qatar National Day and its Independence Day are celebrated on different dates? Find out more in this latest QTip episode!
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#QTip: What kind of dates can you find in Qatar?
Watch this latest episode of #QTip and let us know what's your favorite kind of date (the fruit!).
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#QTip: Useful Arabic phrases & slang words you need to learn when traveling or living in Qatar
Do you want to learn more Arabic words especially Khaleeji phrases used in Qatar? Hit the play button to start learning!
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#QTip: 5 Instruments used in Qatari Music
For all you musically inclined people, here's a list of instruments commonly used in Qatari music!
23 November 2014
#QTip: 5 weird Arabic sounds and what they mean
It's time for another lesson. We typically use sounds to express a feeling or to sometimes say something without really saying something.
15 November 2014
#QTip: Why is Friday important?
This is a good one to know.
9 November 2014
#QTip: What do Qataris do in the Majlis (and how to dress) ?
Here's a question, what do you Qataris do in the majlis? I've been invited to one and want to know how to dress and what to expect.
2 November 2014
#QTip: can foreigners wear thobes?
Have you ever wondered whether it's alright for you to wear a thobe? Well the answer from us Qataris to you is, of course!
26 October 2014
#QTip: Calling just to say hello (it's important)
In Arabic culture, it's very important to call people just to say hello.
19 October 2014
#QTip: do Qatari's get paid to go to school? The truth.
There have been some people who have asked whether Qataris get free money, specifically, whether we get paid to go to school. Watch on for the answer.
12 October 2014
#QTip: What's Eid Al Adha?
Wait a minute, didn't we already have an Eid? Oh yes indeed, we love our Eid. Eid's so nice, we do it twice!
5 October 2014
برنامج شباب - الحلقة الثالثة - 30-09-2014
نتعرف في هذه الحلقة على الرسالة التي يقدمها خليفه الهارون مؤسس موقع “I Love Qatar” من خلال المقاطع التي يقدمها لمتابعيه كما تسترجع المذيعة دعاء الفياض اساسيات الرسم مع الفنان...
1 October 2014
#QTip: Personal Space and Queuing
It's time to talk about personal space. Different cultures have different definitions when it comes to personal space.
28 September 2014
#QTip: 5 Ways to wear your Ghitra
Oh yes, now that you're in Qatar, you'll probably want to try on a thobe. It's important that you choose the right Ghitra style though.
22 September 2014
#QTip: The true meaning of Inshallah
It's about time someone set the record straight. Inshallah is a good phrase and sadly many people use it negatively.
15 September 2014
#QTip: Tipping Culture in Qatar
This is something I get asked often. What's the tipping culture in Qatar? Since there are so many different nationalities here, people get confused.
7 September 2014
#QTip: 5 Arabic Phrases that sound funny in English
SEASON 2 of QTIPS is back! Thanks for the great feedback you've been giving us! Have a better translation or know any other phrases that sound funny in English? Share them bel...
1 September 2014
Ramadan #QTip: Things you Should and Shouldn't do during Ramadan - Important!
It's time to talk about some of the DO's and DON'Ts during Ramadan! We even threw in some bonus tips. Let's all have a peaceful and relaxing month.
20 July 2014
Ramadan QTip: Garangao and Eid
It's time to talk a bit about Garangao and Eid!
12 July 2014
Ramadan QTip: Brain vs Stomach
We all do this!
7 July 2014
Ramadan QTip: (Some) Reasons Why We Fast
In this throwback episode on one of our special Ramadan QTips, we share some of the reasons why it's important to fast.
1 July 2014
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