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17 September 2017 12:00 am

#QTip - How Qataris get married - what's a melcha?

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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Our system isn't like the Christian system of getting engaged then officially getting married in front of friends and family after saying "I do" in front of a priest. 

In fact after agreement of the families, the husband to be then shared some of his requests of the future wife and vice versa. If for example the husband says she's got to stay at home and take care of babies, she can say, no! It's 2017! I want a job! You stay at home! Basically this is to manage both couple's expectations. Once an agreement is in place, they have a melcha. This is when men are in one room with an Imam (Muslim version of a priest), and women gather in another. The men are witnesses to the agreement being signed and after reading a religious vow. From then on, they're officially married, however they don't kiss neither do they typically move in together.
Arrangements are made for living together and a wedding party happens. Traditionally wedding parties are in separate areas for men and women. Modern weddings are mixed. Of course there's fun, socializing, and music.

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