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Posted On: 25 February 2018 01:18 pm
Updated On: 26 October 2021 10:30 am

Mohamad Al Khaiat crowned Qatar's 'King of Drift 2018'!

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Mohamad Al Khaiat has claimed the title of ‘King of Drift’ for Qatar’s 2018 Red Bull Car Park Drift. The series returned to Qatar on it’s 10th anniversary for a sensational qualifying round that drew over 5,000 motorsports fans to the Losail Circuit Sports Club. The event was held under the support and supervision of the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) and in partnership with Vodafone, Losail Circuit Sports Club, TOTAL, Falken Tires, Q Tire, and Chevrolet Qatar. Media partners included I love Qatar, Qatar Living, Al Dawro Wal Kass Sports Channels, Q Motor, and Cars in Doha. The event featured the remarkable Rally and Drift athlete, Abdo Feghali, who returned to direct the competition while giving the spectators a dazzling signature show.

Al Khaiat rightfully earned first place with 358 points in his BMW M2, after putting on an unforgettable run that set him apart from other contestants. Starting with 25 drivers initially, Car Park Drift 2018 brought forth both a competitive and fun atmosphere for motorsports enthusiasts.

Al Khaiat’s captivating performance swayed the judges and the fans throughout all three rounds. Running up in second place was Mohammed Qutami who drove a BMW E30 with enough style to secure 344 points as Abdullah Al Mohtaseb came in third with his Nissan 370Z for 271 points. Sultan Al Mureikhi, Executive Director of Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation awarded the champions their trophies.

Holding his trophy close, the 2018 King of Drift, Al Khaiat said: “Red Bull Car Park Drift 2015 marked my entry to the world of Drifting, and winning that title was a motivation for me not to give up. Now in 2018, winning the title again, I would say everyone has the drifting fire in them, and I know when exactly to ignite the spark.”

The judges' panel was made up of Rally Veteran John Pierre Nasrallah, T2 Champion Adel Hussein, and Motorsports experts Amr Al Hmad and Yusif Basil. Judging was based on an all-rounded criterion that assessed the drivers’ skill, style and vehicle appearance.

The “Symphony of Sound and Speed” was conducted in partnership with Vodafone Qatar. For the first time in Qatar, audience experienced the fusion of sounds, speed and smoke in a symphony that brought together traditional and digital music instruments enhanced by the raw sound of drifting cars. Professional drifter and Red Bull athlete Abdo Feghali launched this experience with his spectacular display of control and prowess that stunned the crowd.

Red Bull athletes Brian Kapper and Petr Kraus also contributed to the engaging scene. The two put together an exhibition of trials that pit motorbikes and mountain bikes head to head.

(Video & images courtesy of Red Bull Qatar)