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We tried the Speak Out Game with hilariously drooling results!
Grab the tissues -- we're gonna need 'em! Click to watch!
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How acidic are bottled water brands in Qatar?
Click to watch as the ILQ Test Drive team finds out!
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We make our followers in Qatar eat Korean Nuclear Noodles!
See what happens when we make the unsuspecting public devour an entire plate of double-spicy Korean Nuclear Noodles! Click here to watch!
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No smell taste test: What were we eating?!
In this week's ILQ Test Drive, we do another taste test but without our sense of smell!! What do you think the results were? Watch our video and comment below!
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Eww, we drank toilet water?! Toilet Trouble Game
In this week's episode of the ILQ Test Drive, the team... drank toilet water. To find out what this is all about, watch the video! Toilet Trouble Game.
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[ILQ Test Drive] Have you ever licked a bubble?
Get ready to burst YOUR bubble with our second episode of the ILQ Test Drive! Last week you saw the ILQ team try out the world's spiciest gummi bears! This week we try some...
7 February 2017
[ILQ Test Drive] The Spiciest Gummy Bears on Earth!
Welcome to the first episode of the ILQ Test Drive, our newest show where we try the craziest products so you don't have to! In this video we feel the burn with the spiciest g...
31 January 2017
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