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Posted On: 26 October 2022 05:00 pm
Updated On: 19 November 2022 08:22 pm

What are the prohibited items at the stadiums for the World Cup?

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Attending World Cup matches? FIFA has listed the items that are not allowed inside the stadiums during the matches under the "Stadium Code of Conduct".

As per FIFA:

This Stadium Code of Conduct ("Stadium Code of Conduct') has been prepared by Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and applies to all matches (each a "Match") of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ ("Competition").

Each ticket holder is required to adhere to the Stadium Code of Conduct at all times. FIFA has also listed the prohibited items in the stadiums. They are as follows:

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Hazardous Items

  • Weapons of any kind, guns, piercing or bladed items, knives, cold steel weapons or objects.
  • Explosives, detonators and items containing or concealing such prohibited items.
  • Umbrellas or beach umbrellas, motorcycle helmets, hard hats and other similar objects.
  • Work tools.
  • Body protection gear or corsets (unless permitted for medical reasons), bullet-proof vests and items used in martial arts/extreme sports.
  • Helmets and any other means of disguise, except for religious headwear, medical masks and face shields.
  • Besides cigarettes and electronic smoking devices (including those that heat tobacco), lighters, matches, fireworks, flares, smoke bombs, compressed and liquefied gases, combustible solids, poisonous or noxious or pungent substances, oxidising substances and organic peroxides and not allowed. Smoking and vaping outside of designated areas is prohibited.
  • Toxic, radioactive, caustic or corrosive materials.
  • Spray cans, corrosive, flammable substances and paints.
  • Aerosol cylinders, thermoses and flasks.
  • Glass bottles, cups, jars, cans or any closed items in breakable materials.
  • Sports equipment items (excluding clothing) such as inflatable balls, balloons and frisbees.
  • Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, kick and electric scooters. Baby strollers are permitted inside the stadium's outer perimeter (subject to dedicated storage facilities being available).
  • Stairs, benches, folding chairs, boxes, cardboard containers, large bags, backpacks, suitcases and sports bags.
  • Significant quantities of paper or any rolls of paper.
  • Powdery materials, flour or similar substances.
  • Any type of animal, except for assistance dogs. They will only be permitted if they accompany a disabled Ticket Holder with valid proof.

Food/Liquids/Consumable Items

  • Sanitisers larger than 100 ml, liquids with alcohol, alcoholic beverages, unless purchased and consumed within designated areas.
  • Any other liquids exceeding 100 ml unless purchased inside the stadium. Exceptions are:
    • Baby milk and sterilised water in containers (including in glass containers) not exceeding 1 litre per child.
    • Liquids up to 500 ml if required for medical reasons.
  • Food items of any kind, except if acquired inside the stadium or if they are medically required or for babies or young infants (not exceeding 1 litre per child).
  • Drugs, narcotics or stimulants. Medications that are not prohibited or restricted by Qatari law are permitted in quantities not exceeding a single package of more than 7 different medicines (in any form, including aerosols, drops, syringes, etc.) and must be in factory packaging.

Note: Liquids up to 500 ml and food items are required for medical reasons but only if presented with a medical certificate in English or Arabic and in the presence of the person for whom they are intended. Any permitted food items must be packed in containers that are not made out of glass.

Flags, Political, Offensive & Commercial Items

  • Banners, flags, fliers and apparel that are of a political, offensive and/or discriminatory nature.
  • Flags, banners and posters exceeding 2 meters x 1.5 meters unless approved in advance by the organisers in writing. They must be made of non-flammable material.
  • Flagpoles or banner poles except flexible poles made from non-flammable plastic not exceeding 1 metre long and 1 centimetre in diameter and that are not deemed a safety risk by the organisers.
  • Promotional or commercial objects, apparel or other materials including, but not limited to, banners, flags, signs, symbols and flyers or any type of object, material or clothing.

Electronic, Musical and Telecommunication Items

  • Radio or high-frequency devices that do not cause any interference with broadcasting or IT functionality.
  • Musical instruments exceeding 60 centimetres x 40 centimetres.
  • Vuvuzelas, whistles, loudspeakers, etc. Heaters for drums.
  • Laser beam instruments and laser pointers.
  • Television and telecommunication equipment (including professional video cameras) or other recorders.
  • More than one set of extra batteries or rechargeable units for any device. Only 1 power bank of any size is permitted per person.
  • Tripods, monopods and 'selfie' sticks.
  • Drones and any remote-controlled aircraft.
  • Binoculars (except if holding permission) and other optical magnifying equipment, except photographic camera lenses for non-professional purposes.

Other Prohibited Items

  • Any other objects that may compromise public safety, cause nuisance and/or harm the tournament's reputation.
  • Gambling, betting and courtsiding.
  • Reselling match tickets and/or any documents entitling their holders to receive match tickets.
  • Wheelchair User Place Ticket Holders are required to bring their own wheelchair or mobility scooter in order to access the stadium.
  • Inside the stadium, Wheelchair User Place Ticket Holders are permitted to use manual or electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters with either 3 or 4 wheels, a maximum width of 70 centimetres and length of 130 centimetres, a maximum turning radius of 90 centimetres and turning width of 150 centimetres, and a maximum speed of 6 kilometres per hour.

Source: FIFA