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Posted On: 29 August 2017 12:00 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:17 pm

Why the 2018 IKEA Catalogue is epic!

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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By Ashlee Starratt

Images courtesy of IKEA Qatar

Really – what’s not to love about IKEA? They’ve got pretty much everything you could want, and a trip to the store is a full outing experience. Fantasize about your dream kitchen as you get lost in their showroom setups; build up your energy for a hard-core shopping sesh with a bite of sustainable salmon or a helping of authentic Swedish meatballs from the IKEA restaurant; or, get inspired by the ethos of their democratic design.

So, when the new IKEA Catalogue landed on our doorstep, we snatched it up like a hot potato. With over 3,000 new items in stock for the coming year, the theme for 2018 is ‘Make Room For Life’ – as the living room, the heart of the home, steals the spotlight. With a focus on improving life at home, the people at IKEA have done their homework (no pun intended!) to bring us inspired new designs and furniture pieces that blend form and function in a way that reflects the impact of technology and urbanization on the way we live.

Curating our space in a way that makes a house a home – no matter how large or how small – is something we all strive for. IKEA can help make this happen. Flipping through the catalogue you’ll find dozens of ways to improve your space and ‘Make Room For Life’ at prices that won’t break the bank.

Here are a few fun facts and highlights about the IKEA Catalogue’s 2018 edition and its products!

  • It’s printed in 35 languages around the world!
  • It’s all about the sofa! Inside you’ll find 7 more styles of this living room staple added to its existing range, plus 6 other new styles that focus on smart storage. (We love the new VIMLE model!)
  • You can personalize it! Leave your mark on the catalogue’s spine by finishing the sentence ‘Make room for…’
  • They've got an app now! The new IKEA Catalogue app makes browsing and shopping all-the-more simple! Stay tuned to ILQ for more on that...
  • It will show you how to live green! Filled with tips and info on everything from choosing sustainable food, to shopping for energy-efficient products, the catalogue is your trusty guide to making those environmentally-informed decisions when shopping for your home.
  • IKEA’s KUNGSBACKA line of kitchen cabinets are the first to be made entirely of reclaimed industrial wood and recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that?
  • Their ODGER chair is also made from 70% recycled plastic and 30% renewable wood!

“At IKEA we want to have a positive effect on the planet and people, and are truly passionate about it in everything we do,” explains IKEA Qatar General Manager, Kevin Rainforth. “We hope that through the IKEA 2018 Catalogue we can educate our customers on how to do that easily at home to have a powerful effect.”

A home is as much about the people who make it one as it is the space itself – and whether you’re looking to share those most special-of-moments with friends, celebrating, or reconnecting one-on-one with family, IKEA can help personalize your house in a way that makes it a true reflection of yourself.

“The world has seen more change in the home over the last 20 years than it has in the last 200,” says Rainforth. “Urbanization and technology have reformed our lives and our homes, creating a huge opportunity to redefine the living room. Regardless of people’s living space, 2018 is about enabling you to make more room for the things you love in life and to help you get a few steps closer to your dream home.”

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How do you make room for life? Drop us a line in the comments below and tell us if the 2018 IKEA Qatar Catalogue has hit your doorstep yet! Also, don’t forget to give us a like and a share – it keeps us going!