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Posted On: 25 March 2019 06:10 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:20 pm

Top 10 start-up stalls to check out at QIFF 2019!

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Qatar’s biggest food festival has opened its 10th epic edition almost a week ago and just like its nine past editions, the Qatar International Food Festival is once again glittering with mouthwatering cuisines, non-stop entertainment, and some of the world's most well-known chefs!

Another fresh feature for this year's QIFF is their partnership with Qatar Foundation's Oxygen Park—the annual food gathering's most appetizing setting yet! Known as the “green lungs of Education City”, the gorgeous park invites foodies to take in the open air, greenery and relaxing water features as they enjoy the festival’s fragrant aromas and incomparable flavours.

When the ILQ team roamed around the venue during QIFF's opening day, we were surprised to know that out of the more than 100 food stalls situated in the awe-inspiring Oxygen Park, around 1/4 are start-up businesses that's why we've decided to come up with this special edition of the ILQ Top 5.

Note: We added 5 more entries, to make it extra-special!

Without further adieu, here are 10 of the most unique and delicious start-up stalls scattered around the Oxygen Park for QIFF 2019!

1. Churro Mia Cafe

What they serve: Handcrafted churros

Churro Mia Cafe

A fusion concept that wittingly-combines Qatari and Latin delicacies, Churro Mia is the brainchild of a Qatari entrepreneur who has spent several years in Spain.

According to one of the stall managers, the idea is to show that the East and the West are not so different.

"Through our delicacies, we are committed to our roots. Our main concept is to bring the two cultures through food, especially through the desserts."

About Churro Mia

⏰ Daily from 9AM till 10PM
☎️ (+974) 4435 7731, 6668 5882
Inside Tawar Mall's Old Souq area)

2. Oro Speciality Coffee

What they serve: A 'coffee' that discerning guests deserve... plus a special Cereal Latte for kids!

Oro Coffee Qatar

Oro's slogan which says “you’re worth more than gold" speaks a lot about its discerning target audience. A coffee shop specialising in a combination of hot and cold beverages, the staff of Oro offers their guests the coffee that they truly deserve.

"Our products and services are designed for our customers who show their appreciation for all the details and elements that have been put into the luxurious concept," one of the founders said.

"This reflects how much we value our customers and our dedication to offer them a world class service. Oro doesn’t only meet their customers expectations but strives to exceed them."

About Oro Speciality Coffee

Branch/es: Only does pop-up appearances at the moment, according to the owner

3. Zodiac Cafe

What they serve: The 'coffee' that best suits your personality!

Zodiac Cafe Qatar

Experience the flavours of your personality when you order a speciality coffee only from Zodiac Cafe! Either you're a Capricorn, Taurus, or Sagittarius, there's a coffee that best suits your set of skills!

About Zodiac Cafe

⏰ Daily from 7AM till 12MN
☎️ (+974) 3381 0777
The Pearl Qatar

4. Halo Cafe

What they serve: Their so-called Croissant Sandwich and Pizza Crowich!

Halo Cafe Qatar

A proud home-grown brand, Halo prides itself as a dough bar, creamery, and a cafe all at the same time! Their QIFF menu is unlike any other as its friendly staff have started introducing new food items into the table including the hard-to-resist Grilled Brownie Cheese Sandwich!

About Halo Cafe

⏰ Daily from 8AM till 11PM
☎️ (+974) 4427 5787, 5598 8528
Branch/es: Qanat Quartier, The Pearl Qatar

5. Volume Cafe

What they serve: Bestsellers such as 'Milky Cake' and 'Honey Pudding'

Volume Cafe Qatar

What separates Volume Café from its peers, besides being a two-storey hangout spot, is that it possesses a library and an immense meeting/event space on its second floor.

The ground floor, according to Qatar Eating, has fashionable marble table tops, and the calming atmosphere is all reserved for the first floor with casual leather seating and hundreds of books.

Their variety of drinks is undeniably a feast but many customers keep on coming back for Volume's signature Cereal Latte.

About Volume Cafe

⏰ 8AM till 12MN (Sat-Wed), 8AM till 1AM (Thursday and Friday)
☎️ (+974) 6624 2769, 4476 0914
Branch/es: Qanat Quartier, The Pearl Qatar

6. Charger Cafe

What they serve: Slow brew coffee

Charger Cafe Qatar

From the name itself, Charger Cafe will not only satisfy your tastebuds with good-tasting coffee but also inject your senses with vigilance and attentiveness. Take a sip and experience a recharged version of yourself!

About Charger Cafe

⏰ 6AM till 1AM (Sat-Wed), 3PM till 2AM (Thursday and Friday)
☎️ (+974) 6624 2769, 4476 0914
Branch/es: Duhail Sports Club

7. Mini Pancake Factory

What they serve: Freshly-made Holland pancakes!

Mini Pancake Factory Qatar

Dubbed as the "First Pancake Workshop Center in Qatar," Mini Pancake Factory enables kids to prepare and decorate their own minis with the help of topping stations made up of pure chocolate ingredients such as Nutella, Kinder, Galaxy & Lotus, and Chips&Cheese.

About Mini Pancake Factory

⏰ Daily from 9AM till 10PM
☎️ (+974) 5033 3987
Branch/es: Kidzmondo, Mall of Qatar; Gondolania, Villaggio Mall

8. Poffy's

What they serve: Special cheesecake and cardamom saffron custard available exclusively at their QIFF stall!

Poffy's Qatar

Poffy’s is one of the very few food spots in Qatar where mouth-watering mini pancakes are made right in front of its customers. Hot off the grill, these salty-sweet fluffy treats are the perfect way to indulge your dessert craving. Their batter is made daily using fresh ingredients with a secret homemade recipe that took the founder over two years to perfect!

Poffy's also serves a range of flavoursome teas and coffees.

About Poffy's

⏰ 10AM till 10PM (Sun-Wed), 10AMtill 12MN (Thursday till Saturday)
☎️ TBA
Branch/es: Doha Festival City, Duhail Sports Club

9. Coffee In A Cone

What they serve: The world's 'Most Instagrammable Coffee'

Coffee in a Cone Qatar

Children love the coned-coffee concept at this year's QIFF and reasons why are endless! Hailing originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, the guys from the Coffee In A Cone stall at QIFF hinted that they might be launching a maiden branch for the business in Qatar very soon!

Currently, the cone heroes are working closely on a range of flavoured powders to be textured with milk and served in the cone.

Contest the cup, embrace the CONE!

About Coffee in a Cone

⏰ Same with QIFF's timings
☎️ TBA
Branch/es: TBA

10. The Cheese Bar

What they serve: The crowd-popular Rainbow Cheese Sandwich!

This colourful and Instagrammable food item has been around for quite some time now and was believed to have originated in Bangkok, Thailand. Thanks to food festivals like QIFF, citizens and residents of Qatar are having a glimpse of this unusual sight—a rainbow coloured melted cheese stuffed in between two loaf breads!

Sounds strange? Make sure to snap a click before taking your first bite!

About The Cheese Bar

⏰ Same with QIFF's timings
☎️ TBA
Branch/es: TBA

The Qatar International Food Festival is open till the 30th of March every weekdays from 3PM till 12MN and from 3PM till 1AM over the weekends.

About the Qatar International Food Festival


Have you spotted any of these delicious start-up spots at the Oxygen Park? If yes, tell us which one's your favourite by dropping us a line in the comments and also, don't forget to like and share this article—it keeps us going!