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Posted On: 1 March 2013 12:48 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Qatar sealine to be an exquisite family destination

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Doha, March 1:Developing Sealine into a world-class status and establishing facilities and parking lots Mr. Saleh Hassan Al Kuwari, Director of the Reserves sector at the Special Engineering Bureau, revealed a comprehensive plan for developing the families’ beach in Sealine , pointing out that coordination has already taken place with Al Wakra Municipality to start the development process, which includes the establishment of parking facilities, toilets and pedestrians sidewalks and Interlock, along with providing the beach with umbrellas and grills, as well as planting trees in order to prepare the beach to receive the public before summer. He pointed out that the project is the result of cooperation and coordination between the Reserves Sector and Al Wakra Municipality, represented by its director Mr. Mohammed Al Khater, adding that the project will start immediately once one of the companies wins the bidding process in order for it to take over the development process. He stressed that the family Beach is one of the most important beaches with high demand by the public, especially in the summer season and that is why completion of the development project should take place before summer begins. Al Kuwari assured, during a tour conducted by Al Sharq in Khor Al Odaid and Sealine reserves, that a number will be assigned for contacting the support and rescue team of the Reserves Department, noting that there are 14 persons in the support and rescue team in Sealine and 9 in Al Odaid, and that the team patrols both areas to follow-up surveillance and rescue operations, alluding to the presence of cars equipped for rescue and support operations as well as a car to pull cars if they sink in the sea. The Rescue Team He said that the rescue and support team has, since its inception in August 2012, rescued more than 126 vehicles, both light vehicles or trucks or large vans, since most of the accidents that occur relate to a sinking car in the sea or overturned on sand dunes as well as motorcycle accidents. He stressed that most accidents occur due to lack of familiarity with the region, and that some people are not familiar with the “tidal” phenomenon and that is why cars sink in the sea. He also stressed that some people get lost while driving at night, as many do not know the ins and outs of the area. The Camping Season With regard to the camping season, Mr. Al Kuwari pointed out that the number of camps in Al Odaid and Sealine increased compared to last year as there were 626 camps in Sealine and 57 camps in Al Odaid this year, while the number was 530 camps in Sealine and 60 in Odaid. He pointed to a decline in irregularities, such as throwing waste after the camping season. This decline is a result of the Reserves Sector efforts in maintaining the cleanliness of the area and promoting a culture of awareness among the public, which responded positively to the preservation of the environment. This Year’s irregularities reached 12 violations only so far, while in 2012 it reached 143 violations, and in 2011 the number of irregularities was 201 violations. He explained that this is a good indication of the decline in irregularities thanks to the management efforts and thanks to the keenness of the public to preserve the environment. Coordination and cooperation Mr. Al Kuwari praised the cooperation of all parties with the Reserves Sector at the Specail Engineering Bureau and of the Ministry of Environment. Such coordination takes place especially during the camping season. He also mentioned cooperation with the Interior Ministry, especially with the South security while conducting rescue operations, as well as cooperation and coordination with the ambulance service in saving people when accidents occur in Sealine and Odaiad. He pointed to the existence of full and complete cooperation with these parties in serving the public as well as protecting the Sealine preserve and maintaining it as one of the best tourist destinations in the country.