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Posted On: 15 March 2013 01:17 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

Qatar metro

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Doha March 15:Engineer Saad Al Muhanadi, chief executive officer of Qatar Rail said that the subways excavations in the Metro project in Lusail city have been 100% completed. He indicated that the percentage of accomplishment of the civil works of the stations in Lusail city exceeded 40%. On the sideline of the workshop held between Qatar Development Bank and Qatar Railways Company and Qatar Chamber, Engineer Al Muhanadi state: ”During the current year we expect that the civil excavation works of the subways and the construction of the Metro network stations tender will be awarded. We expect that the Red Line tender will be awarded by the end of the first quarter of the current year 2013, while the Golden and Green Lines tenders are expected to be awarded at the second quarter.” He further added, ”We expect that the real excavation works of the subways would start at the fourth quarter of 2013. We also expect the taking tenders for construction of the train; on a bridge or on the ground surface, at the second quarter of the current year 2013 to be awarded by the end of the same year. Besides, there will be taken as well the tenders for the Metro network system in terms of communications and coaches at the second quarter of the current year, to be awarded, expectedly, at the first quarter of 2014. As to the Light Rail Service in the city of Lusail, Engineer Al Muhanadi stated that it was expected that the communications system and coaches would be awarded at the second quarter of the current year 2013. Al Muhanadi further said that the Metro project implementation was divided into to phases; the first one for urgent works of subways excavation and construction of underground stations, while the second would cover bridges and stations above the ground. Al Muhanadi stated that, in respect of this second phase, the Railways Company is in the process of qualification of companies intended to take part in the implementation of this phase and they will be specified by the end of this year 2013. He also added: ”We started the preparatory works of the first phase of the Metro network. In last December we started these preparatory works at Mesheireb “Mesheireb Station” located in the middle of the Doha city. Qatar Railways will continue these preparatory works which are also known as the “Pre-construction Works” progressively Doha- and Qatar-wide. Works are currently being carried out to make all other construction sites ready for the design and therefore for the commencement of contractors works during this year 2013. Meanwhile, we are conducting technical and commercial assessments of the main preparatory works tenders in order to be able to commence the subways excavations and stations constructions works. We are currently in the final phase of technical assessment. We expect to finalize the commercial assessment within the first quarter of the current year 2013.” Al Muhanadi further stated that the first Metro trip would be in October 2019 and would extend to the areas where the Red, Golden and Green lines pass by. He further added, ”The timeline for general implementation is 2030. While the Metro network which will serve the World Cup 2022, and the overcrowded areas at the same time, would be completed in October 2019. As to the electrical train in the Gulf region, the time specified for implementation of the project is 2018. Regarding the light rail service in the city of Lusail, it is intended to be finally implemented in 2016.” Source:Qatar Chronicle