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Posted On: 13 October 2009 01:23 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Girl trapped in school bus for hours

Paper Boy
Paper Boy
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A four-year-old girl was trapped in a school bus for hours — from early morning until the time the school closed for the day early in the afternoon. The girl was headed for the school with other children. She slept on the way and no one noticed. The bus reached the school and everyone got down except the girl. The driver locked the doors of the bus and went away without realising the girl was inside. The girl got up from her sleep a little later and began screaming finding she was alone in the empty bus. As the bus was parked in a desolated place, no one could hear her. Tired and fearful, she fell unconscious. She was spotted in this condition hours later when the school closed for the day and students and the driver returned to the bus for the journey back. The school management was immediately informed of the incident. School officials sent the girl to children’s emergency in Al Sadd and called her father telling him that his daughter was running temperature and so had been referred for medical attention. From the children’s emergency she was referred to Hamad General Hospital. The girl is from a Qatari family and had joined the school just three days before the mishap.