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Posted On: 10 February 2021 03:57 pm
Updated On: 15 February 2021 01:58 pm

Entry and exit of goods through Abu Samra port to start from Sunday in line with regulatory procedures

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With reference to the decision issued by the competent authorities to open Abu Samra border port in the State of Qatar and Salwa border port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and based on the travel and return policy to and from the State of Qatar, applicable in light of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), and after the coordination with the relevant parties of the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, it has been decided to apply various regulatory and precautionary controls and procedures regarding the movement of imported and transiting goods from Salwa border port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Abu Samra border port in the State of Qatar, according to the following:

First: Regulatory and precautionary controls and procedures related to commercial shipments at the Abu Samra border port:

1- Truck drivers coming from Salwa border port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, must obtain a certificate authenticated by the Saudi Ministry of Health, proving that they have been tested for Coronavirus (Covid-19), at least 72 hours prior to the date of entry into Abusamra port.

2- Drivers and trucks transporting goods to the State of Qatar through Abu Samra are not permitted to enter the country, and the goods will be unloaded and re-loaded onto local trucks by the importer or his representative in the port, according to prior coordination with the port administration.

3- Trucks and drivers return to Salwa port in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia immediately after the completion of the unloading process in Abu Samra port.

4- All importers of goods through Abu Samra port are obligated to prepare local trucks suitable for transporting the goods that are received, and to notify Abu Samra port administration of the dates and numbers of the trucks in advance to facilitate the procedures for entering the port.

5- Customs procedures on imported goods are carried out at the port in accordance with the provisions of the Customs Law and its implementing regulations and the customs procedures guide. The customs declaration for the restricted goods is presented to the competent authority through the electronic customs clearance system (Alnadeeb), to take the appropriate decision regarding them.

6- Due to the long period of shutdown at Abusamra port, and the transfer of specialized laboratories to other locations within the state, samples of the goods will be taken for examination and analysis by the competent registration authorities in the country, and it will be released after the importer undertakes that the restricted goods won't be disposed until approval was given by the competent authority, except the goods of a dangerous nature, will be kept at the port until the results of the examination and laboratory analysis appear.

7- All exporters of goods through the Abusamara port to the Salwa port shall comply with the instructions issued by Saudi Customs before proceeding to export or re-export the goods, in order to avoid any delay or rejection of the goods upon arrival at the Salwa port.

8- Goods exported or re-exported from Qatar are transported by local trucks through Abusamara port to the Salwa port, as determined by the Saudi authorities at Salwa port in this regard.

9- The controls and procedures described above apply to the shipment of transporting animals through Abu Samra port.

Second: the start date of the commercial movement through Abu Samra port:

1- The commercial cargo movement will start at Abusamra port in accordance with the requirements and procedures described above, from Sunday, February 14, 2021.

2- It is expected that the scheduled maintenance work at Abu Samra Port will start during the second quarter of 2021 for a period of approximately 14 months, with the continuation of passenger and commercial movement through the port in accordance with the requirements of the scheduled maintenance work.

Source: Qatar Customs