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Posted On: 6 September 2016 07:20 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:57 pm

Eid festival: Shows, fireworks to delight Katara visitors

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Shows and activities, particularly the fireworks display, will attract spectators from Qatar and the region to Katara – the Cultural Village, which is holding a Eid al-Adha festival from September 12 to 15.

Designed to please all tastes, the four-day event at the Katara esplanade will feature a spectacular show inspired by Sinbad, the fictional sailor and hero of One Thousand and One Nights.

In a press statement, Katara said Sinbad will be performed thrice: 7pm, 8.15pm and 9.30pm during the festival. ‘Eideya,’ a gift usually given to children during Eid, will be distributed during the first and second shows.

A dazzling fireworks display will follow after the third show at 10.15pm, concluding the day’s programme “with brilliant showers of colorful lights at the Katara Beach.”
“Katara continues to offer its local and foreign audiences and visitors the best recreational and cultural programmes and experiences. The cultural village has an established reputation as a renowned hub and fun house,” Katara general manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al-Sulaiti said.
He noted that the fun-filled shows will enthral guests and appeal to audiences of all age groups.

Fireworks will be one of the highlights of the Eid al-Adha festival at Katara.

The festival, al-Sulaiti added, is a unique opportunity to travel in time, and visit the lands of adventures and mysteries through amazing performances, cutting-edge technology, lighting and sound systems, set for these exclusive shows.

“We have selected Sinbad, or Al-Sindibad al-Bahry, to narrate to the visiting children and their families a story they have always loved to read about or were waiting to see it displayed to them one day,” the Katara official said.
“It is a dream coming true for many children to watch this show about Sinbad, the brave sailor from the Abbasid Caliphate and his seven voyages throughout the seas east of Africa and south of Asia,” he continued.
“Sinbad had fantastic adventures going to magical places, meeting monsters and encountering supernatural phenomena. Katara promises children an unforgettable experience,” Dr al-Sulaiti stressed.

The show will also include several fun displays such as aerobatics, loops, rolls, and other feats of spectacular flying. It will conclude with Sinbad’s ship reaching the beach of Doha, where a new fun journey to search for the Pearl Island begins.

Katara has designed a ship-like theatre structure “to guarantee a great deal of imitation in simulating the spirit of the old story.”
A giant screen is also set on the background of the ship-theatre to feature the seven voyages of Sinbad the sailor. Each show will be 50 minutes long. (Source)