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Posted On: 30 July 2018 07:02 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:00 pm

Dana Alfardan’s ‘Broken Wings’ set to debut in London

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Set to launch on 1st August 2018, a new masterpiece for the musical Broken Wings will debut at Theatre Royal Haymarket in London, composed by Qatar’s internationally acclaimed musical composer, Dana Al Fardan, in collaboration with West End star Nadim Naaman.

With only one week to go until this highly anticipated show, Broken Wings has witnessed a lot of hype in both international media recognition, including appearing on BBC and Al Jazeera and tickets selling at an exciting rate daily.

Nadim Naaman, who rose to prominence for his work in the hit musical, The Phantom of the Opera at the Her Majesty's Theatre and having played numerous roles in the West End as well as contracts in high profile fringe productions such as Titanic, Chess and the 2014 hit revival of Sweeney Todd, has collaborated with Dana on the music for this theatre production which is based on Lebanese-born poet Khalil Gibran’s 1912 masterpiece, Broken Wings.

Dana Al Fardan commented on the new musical saying: “I am very excited that the countdown has started until Broken Wings debuts at the incredible Theatre Royal Haymarket venue in London. I’m waiting in anticipation to see the crowd’s feedback to this amazing musical and to them witnessing the re-enactment of Khalil Gibran’s masterpiece “The Prophet” placed within the context of HIS LIFE AS REPRESENTED IN Broken Wings.”

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The themes in Broken wings are highly relevant to global discourse. The whole point behind chosing this body of work the idea that in the context of a world which has been experiencing the rise of the right, with so much emphasis on exclusion and so much negative perceptions of “The Middle East” (which is Judged by many as a monolithic entity), we are going to be projecting this pillar of humanity who happened to be a product of the Middle East as much as an artistic product of the US. Khalil Gibran’s identity is interwoven with both cultural frameworks. it is our job as Arab artists to counter the media’s obsession with creating an image of an angry violent and irrational Middle East , and replace it with a philosophy of love, tolerance and peace from this region. Music is a universal language and our medium to shift perspectives. Hence it was exciting that we were going to present Gibran the charming young man at the crossroads of his life at the turn of the 20th century.

Dana further commented saying: “The first single from Broken Wings¸ Spirit of the Earth¸ has been featured on BBC Radio 2 on Elaine Paige’s Sunday show and has received rave reviews from critics and listeners in the United Kingdom. “

Broken Wings will debut on 1st August 2018 and run for four days at the Theatre Royal Haymarket where Dana will work with a 9-piece semi-staged production orchestra by Joe Davison (who has worked with Adele and Leona Lewis).

With one week o go until opening night, Nikita Johal, fresh from playing the lead role of Wendla in the acclaimed Spring Awakening at Manchester’s Hope Mill Theatre, will play the role of Selma. The extensive cast also features Adam Linstead as Farris, Soophia Foroughi as Mother, Nadeem Crowe as Karim, Irvine Iqbal as Bishop Bulos Galib and Sami Lamine as Mansour Bey Galib with Robert Hannouch and Lauren James Ray as ensemble.

A Broken Wings concept album featuring an all-star cast was released on Thursday 10 May.

As well as available on iTunes, CDs can be pre-ordered via Auburn Jam Music using this link

CD Pre-Order Page:

All images courtesy of Broken Wings Press Release