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Posted On: 10 April 2022 05:59 pm
Updated On: 10 April 2022 06:31 pm

Ministry of Social Development and Family prepares for Family Day 2022

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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The Ministry of Social Development and Family is preparing to celebrate "Family Day in Qatar", which happens annually on April 15, in order to emphasize the importance of the family and its pivotal active role in the process of development and construction.

This year's celebration occurs with the theme "Qatar is strong with the cohesion of its families", in a context where the Ministry of Social Development and Family is carrying out its responsibilities toward social and family development as a specialized ministry. In a statement on this occasion, H.E. Minister of Social Development and Family Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al Misnad, said that Qatar has always been a pioneer in choosing a day to celebrate the family, which is the backbone of society and its solid nucleus.

Her Excellency stressed that the great interest in the family comes from the wise leaderships belief in the centrality of the family in national development, adding that the advancement of the family is the advancement of society, and this comes through concerted efforts to support and care for it and protect its security, stability and cohesion. Investing in well-studied events and programs would contribute to achieving the greatest degree of stability and family cohesion in society, enabling it to face challenges, especially those targeting its value system and social contract.

Her Excellency pointed out that social development is an integral part of the Qatar National Vision 2030, which clearly reflects the interest of the wise leadership of the country in building an effective system of social protection for all Qataris, that takes care of their rights, values their effective participation in the national development process and dedicates their complementary roles in this process, based on the importance of family.

Her Excellency announced that the ministry is currently working on developing creative strategies and interactive methodologies directed toward families and their members through tools for collecting and analyzing relevant data and statistics and benefiting from them in implementing government programs, plans and policies specialized in promoting societal growth through the essentiality of family stability and its humanitarian and human rights outcomes.

The Ministry's program to celebrate Family Day in Qatar includes a variety of activities in attendance and through various communication platforms, while strengthening cooperation with various partners to celebrate this occasion, which represents an added opportunity to emphasize the roles of all institutions in the country in supporting the process of development and community building within the framework of Qatar National Vision 2030.

In this context, the ministry will illuminate its buildings in green to celebrate this occasion, which constitutes an opportunity to emphasize the importance of family cohesion and the common responsibility that all its members have towards themselves and the country's society.

The program also includes a parallel electronic awareness campaign through the Ministry's accounts, specifically on Twitter and Instagram platforms, and a sports and entertainment event for school students in cooperation with the "Generation Amazing" of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, at Lusail area.

With the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, the Ministry of Social Development and Family launched a multi-faceted innovative initiative called "Yalla Namshi", through the ministry's accounts on social media platforms, with the aim of reviving and sustaining a societal sports custom that Qataris have always practised and associated with the holy month of Ramadan, represented in the sport of walking before breakfast time in public parks and malls.

This initiative relied on the use of artificial intelligence in providing it with the scientific calculation that stimulates competition by setting a time limit for walking that brings together members of the same family (mother, father, wife, sons, grandfather and grandmother) in commercial complexes on the basis of achieving at least 10,000 collective steps per day and receiving generous prizes allocated by the Ministry of Social Development and Family, while taking comprehensive family photos for each winning family.

As part of Ooredoo Qatar's participation in this initiative, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Al-Thani, CEO of the company, said, that Ooredoo is proud to participate with the Ministry of Social Development and Family in this initiative as practising walking at the family level would strengthen family relationships and contribute to the cohesion of its members, in addition to maintaining health and activity, especially during the holy month.

Source and cover image credit: QNA