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Posted On: 4 February 2021 12:10 pm

Man suspected of murdering two people in Al Wakrah arrested after fleeing Qatar

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A Pakistani national brutally killed two Sudanese brothers in their workplace after extorting money from them and then immediately fled the country to Pakistan. However, the Pakistani security forces tracked him down, arrested him and repatriated him back to Doha, based on a news report in The Times of India Malayalam.

The two Sudanese brothers have been identified as Kamal Ali al-Bashir and Sami Ali al-Bashir. Sami worked in an office near the Abdul Rahman Preparatory School in Al Wakrah. The Pakistani man suspected of killing the two men was identified by CC TV footage, and was a former employee of the same company.

According to the victims' relatives, the older brother Kamal went to visit his brother Sami in his office, located in Al Wakrah, during the daytime after Sami's wife called him up because she was concerned that her husband hadn't come home for lunch, something that he did on an almost everyday basis. After a while, Kamal also stopped responding to calls made by Sami's wife. The company's owner was contacted, and when he arrived at the office, he saw Sami's car parked outside, and the entrance to the office was locked. The owner used his key to open the door and when he entered he saw the two brothers covered in their own blood.

The Qatar Police are of the opinion that the Pakistani national killed Sami first and then when Kamal came to the office looking for his brother, he was murdered, too.

They also believe the murders were premeditated. Being a former employee, the Pakistani national knew that Sami would have cash at this time to pay the salaries of the other employees, and he kept a track of the timings and all other details relating to when Sami would have money with him in the office.

After killing the brothers, the Pakistani national took all the money and escaped via Hamad International Airport and boarded a flight to Pakistan. After he was identified via CCTC footage, the Qatari authorities contacted the Pakistani authorities, who were able to track him down and send him back to Doha.

Source: The Times of India Malayalam
Cover image: Your Middle East