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Posted On: 3 August 2023 05:00 pm
Updated On: 6 August 2023 10:17 am

Meet Fadi Soufi - COREGAME Technology Solutions founder, gamer & programmer

Cassandra Pallagud
Cassandra Pallagud
Content Writer
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Fadi soufi coregame technology solutions founder gamer programmer

The video game industry in Qatar holds a lot of potential, with more and more talented individuals and groups coming out with content and innovative projects. Video game development is a budding field in the country and the region is paving the way for incredible opportunities and endless possibilities.

The (ILQ) team has caught up with Fadi Soufi, CEO & founder of COREGAME Technology, who produced games such as Beyond Solar and TriangerZ, to get his insight and talk about his experience with the game development industry in Qatar.

ILQ: Please tell us about yourself and what you do.

Fadi: I'm the founder of COREGAME Technology Solutions, a leading technology firm specializing in interactive media, web development, and software engineering, with a key emphasis on game development.

With a diverse team of passionate creatives and tech professionals, we're committed to providing innovative and immersive digital experiences, ranging from dynamic web solutions to captivating video games.

ILQ: What started your love for gaming, and how did you turn it into a career and business?

Fadi: My fascination with gaming and interactive media began in my childhood. I was mesmerized by the animated art on platforms ranging from Atari to MSX, and all the way to SEGA, NES, and SNES.

This enchantment with interactive media led me to wonder about the inner workings of these captivating digital worlds. It was this curiosity that inspired me to pursue a degree in software engineering - to gain a deep understanding of the technology behind it all. With time, this education and passion culminated in the decision to apply my skills to create my own engaging digital experiences.

ILQ: Can you tell us about COREGAME Technology Solutions?

COREGAME Technology Solutions
Image credit: COREGAME Technology Solutions

Fadi: COREGAME Technology Solutions is a comprehensive technology firm that offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. Our core competencies include website design and development, where we build aesthetically pleasing and highly functional websites that enhance online presence and customer engagement. We also specialize in mobile app design and development, crafting intuitive and feature-rich apps that provide a seamless user experience.

In the realm of SEO, we offer strategies to optimize online visibility and improve search engine rankings, effectively driving traffic and fostering business growth. Our expertise extends to AR and VR application development, where we create immersive and interactive experiences that push the boundaries of digital engagement.

Last but not least, as passionate game developers, we create engaging, interactable media and video games that provide compelling experiences for players. With all these services, our mission at COREGAME Technology Solutions is to blend creativity and technology to deliver solutions that surpass our client's expectations.

ILQ: Can you tell us about the games COREGAME Technology Solutions has developed?

Fadi: Over the years, COREGAME Technology Solutions has developed a diverse portfolio of games. Some of these, like "Nightmare: A Night to Remember" and "SlimeRush," have become obsolete, but they served as stepping stones in our journey and contributed to our growth as a game development company.

One of our existing games, "Beyond Solar," is still available on the iOS platform. This game embodies our commitment to immersive storytelling, engaging gameplay, and visually stunning graphics.

Our focus is now more on PC gaming rather than mobile. We love creating games that are rich and complex, and we find these resonate more with PC gamers. A great example of this is "Beyond Solar," which we've developed specifically for PC. You can now find it on Steam and add it to your wishlist. We're excited about this shift because it allows us to create deeper gaming experiences.

ILQ: What were the inspirations behind Beyond Solar and TriangerZ?

Beyond Solar
Image credit: Fadi Soufi

Fadi: "Beyond Solar" is our flagship game as of now, and it was significantly influenced by some of the games I cherished during my childhood, such as "Ikaruga," "Jamestown," "R-Type," "Gradius," and "Raiden". These games played a major role in shaping my appreciation for dynamic gameplay and intricate designs, elements we sought to incorporate into "Beyond Solar."

TriangerZ game
Image credit: Fadi Soufi

As for "TriangerZ," our inspiration was drawn from a game called "Lemmings" released back in 1991. "Lemmings" is a classic example of resource and time management gameplay, coupled with the need for precise decision-making. We wanted to incorporate "TriangerZ" with similar elements, creating a game that encourages strategic thinking and quick decision-making.

ILQ: What is the most important thing when creating a game?

Fadi: I believe the most important aspect of creating a game is to enjoy the journey and immerse yourself in the game development process. While having a monetization plan is essential, it's equally important not to lose hope if you don't achieve significant results from your first game or even the first 20 games.

The process of developing games is worth the time and effort as it is a learning journey. With every new game you create, you gain more knowledge, understanding, and experience, which will ultimately enhance your skills and fuel your growth as a game developer.

ILQ: How's the feedback from COREGAME Technology Solution's participation been in the previous Geekdom and Geekend events?

Image credit: Fadi Soufi

Fadi: The feedback we received from our audience during our participation in the Geekdom and Geekend events has been immensely beneficial. We received a lot of positive feedback, which was both validating and encouraging. At the same time, we discovered areas for improvement, providing us with invaluable insights on how to elevate our games further.

Beyond Solar at Geekend
Image credit: Fadi Soufi

One of the most rewarding experiences was witnessing people enjoying our games and pushing themselves to achieve better results. It reinforced our commitment to creating enjoyable and engaging gaming experiences.

ILQ: Can you tell us about the game development field in Qatar?

Fadi: The game development field in Qatar is still in its early stages, but it is a rapidly emerging sector brimming with potential. There's a strong need for increased support to propel the industry forward. Despite these challenges, the passion, creativity, and determination of game development companies and individual game developers in Qatar, including us at COREGAME Technology Solutions, is commendable.

We are all committed to pushing boundaries, enhancing our skills, and creating high-quality games that can compete in the global market. It's an exciting time to be a part of this vibrant community, and we are optimistic about what the future holds for game development in Qatar.

ILQ: What would you advise those who want to start game development?

Fadi: My advice to those who want to start game development is simple: Start!

Today is the perfect time to embark on this journey. In the past, we didn't have the luxury of vast internet resources and online communities to help us learn. Now, everything is accessible, and learning has never been easier. I particularly recommend Unity Engine for beginners because of its extensive community support, which can smooth the journey of new developers.

ILQ: Is there anything else you want to say or let our readers know?

Fadi: Remember, game development isn't just about coding and designing; it's about bringing your imagination to life and creating experiences for others to enjoy. If you ever need any tips or insights, feel free to check out my Instagram account, where I frequently discuss game development.

Check out Fadi here:

  • Instagram: @JustFadiSoufi
  • Twitter: @JustFadiSoufi
  • Tiktok: @JustFadiSoufi
  • COREGAME Technology Solutions:


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