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Posted On: 22 May 2019 12:20 pm
Updated On: 7 September 2021 01:11 pm

The Do's and Don'ts of riding the Doha Metro!

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The vision behind the Doha Metro and Lusail Tram networks is to be the favoured mode of transportation for all.

When travelling using the Doha Metro, you're agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations that govern its networks. Those who choose to ignore these rules may face penalties.

CCTV cameras, which are very well-scattered in each and every station, are there to monitor platforms, trains, trams and other parts of the metro and tram for passengers comfort and safety.

After a FAQs article which we've published only a few days ago, we're back with another metro-related Qatar Guide article and this time, it's focusing on the Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind when aboard Qatar's newly-opened railway system.

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Qatar Rail

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  1. Be considerate to other customers at all times, including when using your mobile devices
  2. Place litter in the bins provided at all stations or take your own trash home to recycle
  3. Purchase a travel card for your journey before boarding the train or tram
  4. The Doha Metro has dedicated seats reserved for those with reduced mobility, including the elderly and those carrying small children. Please give up these seats if they are needed
  5. Bring luggage but see to it that it won't cause obstruction, inconvenience or danger to any person or damage to any property
  6. In the rare chance of spotting a Lost & Found item, please hand it to an Authorised Representative as soon as practicable
  7. Must inform an Authorized Representative immediately if you become unwell, injure yourself in or around the networks, or have a complaint about any element of the network
  8. Occupy the Family Section if you're a woman travelling solo or someone who's accompanying any child below the age of 9
  9. Be vigilant. If you see anything suspicious, please advise any member of the Doha Metro staff as soon as possible
Doha Metro opens to the public!


  1. Eat on the trains or trams as the Doha Metro wants to avoid strong odours and spills
  2. Chew gum
  3. Drink. But those ones in sealable containers are allowed
  4. Smoke on stations, trains or trams. This includes the use of vapes or e-cigarettes
  5. Bring animals on the trains or trams with the exception of assistance animals
  6. Travel in Gold Club without a Gold Club Travel Pass
  7. Forge, tamper with, or alter your Travel Pass in any way, or use or attempt to use any of it which has been forged, tampered with, or altered in any way
  8. Resell or attempt to resell any Travel Pass
  9. Purchase or attempt to purchase a partly-used Travel Pass
  10. Use any obscene, threatening or offensive language, or be riotous, indecent, threatening or disorderly or cause annoyance or offence to others
  11. Place feet on seats or furniture provided in the premises or vehicles. This includes lying down on the metro seats.
  12. Display, exhibit or distribute any printed, written, or pictorial matter for the purpose of advertising or publicity
  13. Use vocal or physical violence against Authorized Representatives
  14. Sing, dance, perform or play a musical instrument or device of any kind so as to cause a nuisance to others
  15. Film or take photographs on the network for commercial gain without prior consent from Qatar Rail
  16. Bring any alcoholic beverage onto, or be intoxicated on, the network
  17. Obstruct the opening or closing of automatic doors of a vehicle or premises
  18. Spit on any part of the network
  19. Improperly use the escalators, travelators or lifts
  20. Use the escalators when travelling with large items of luggage
  21. Give false fire, ambulance, bomb or other emergency alarm
  22. Bring any kind of bicycle, motorcycle, mobility scooter, hover-board or motorised transport onto the networks except for wheelchairs and folded bikes
  23. Park your car without validating a Travel Pass or paying to park

The above picture (which got viral online shortly after the grand launch of the Red Line) best represents the intention of this article. While the views and opinions regarding it were polarised, we're still encouraging passengers to think twice before doing something that might raise people's eyebrows, especially if you're in a public place.

Anyone who disobeys the rules and regulations imposed by the Doha Metro and Lusail Tram is liable to pay a fine, maybe banned from using the networks, or worst—may be removed from any vehicle or premises or be detained by an Authorised Representative or the Police.

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Doha Metro station

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Have you tried riding the metro once? If yes, how was the experience like for you? Make sure to keep in mind the Do's and Don'ts indicated in this article the next time you ride to make every trip more memorable! Also, please do help us spread the good word by giving this article a like and a share—it keeps us going!

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