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Posted On: 31 May 2021 03:00 pm
Updated On: 31 May 2021 11:54 am

Things to check out at Gulf Mall

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Located along the busy Doha Expressway, Gulf Mall is the favourite of many in Qatar. This place has an Arabic vibe all over and the interiors consist of high ceilings, beautiful domes, and marble tile work, throughout the mall.

Things to check out at Gulf Mall Qatar
How cool do the interiors look?

Gulf Mall houses the latest brands, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and more! Let’s look at what to check out while you’re at this mall next!

Disclaimer: Learn more about the government’s decisions regarding the gradual lifting of restrictions plan. Here are some restrictions with respect to malls:

  • Shopping centers continue to work at 30% capacity. Close all food courts, with the exception of pick-up and delivery services. Children under 12 years old are not allowed. Prayer areas and changing rooms in malls must remain closed.
  • Capacity not exceeding 30% for all restaurants and cafes in the open areas (outdoor dining).
  • Capacity not exceeding 30% in closed spaces (indoor) for restaurants and cafes that have a "Clean Qatar" program certificate, provided that customers have completed both doses of the vaccine allowed entry.
  • Allowing theatres and cinemas to be opened and providing their services not exceed 30% of the capacity, and only those who have completed doses of the Covid-19 vaccine are allowed to enter, and children under 12 years old are not allowed.

Note: As per COVID-19 restrictions set by the government, please make sure to abide by the COVID-19 precautionary measures such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, showing your Ehteraz green status, and frequent hand washing.

Booza Bar

Things to check out at Gulf Mall Qatar
Have you tried ice cream from Booza Bar before?

Ever tried ice cream with an Arabic twist? Booza Bar is the place to go to if you haven’t already! Try their unique flavours like rose, snickers, and mastic (a resinous sap from the mastic tree) on their unique Lebanese cone when you visit! Sounds yummy, right?


Things to check out at Gulf Mall Qatar
Matalan- One-stop-shop for all your needs!

Matalan is a one-stop-shop for adults and kids alike. You can find everything from clothes, shoes, bags to even home-related stuff like utensils, towels, candles – all under one roof! Step into this store and come out a happy shopper!


Things to check out at Gulf Mall Qatar
Head over to Buono for beautiful flower arrangements!

Looking for fresh flowers, beautiful bouquets, and floral arrangements? Head over to Buono at Gulf Mall today and choose from their variety of bouquets, gift boxes, chocolates, etc! They also undertake event decorations too!

Uniform Call

Things to check out at Gulf Mall Qatar
Get your uniforms stitched here!

Want to get different uniforms designed and stitched in Qatar? Head over to Uniform Call at Gulf Mall. They undertake orders for all types of uniforms for businesses like catering, salons, spas, nursing, hotels, and many more!

Zeyland Qatar

Things to check out at Gulf Mall Qatar
Colourful clothes for children and babies at Zeyland!

If you’re looking to buy clothes for babies and kids, then you can check out Zeyland at Gulf Mall. They have many adorable and colourful clothes to choose from and regularly put out great offers too!


Things to check out at Gulf Mall Qatar
Yummy Italian food awaits you at Melenzane!

Melenzane’s Italian fusion menu hits the spot every time! Try different things from their extensive menu like Oregano Fries, Short Ribs Risotto, Tartuffo Pasta and we are sure it’ll leave you coming back for more! Do let us know what are some of your favourite things here!

Happy Kids

Things to check out at Gulf Mall Qatar
Buy toys, games and more at Happy Kids!

As the name suggests, this store will surely make your kids happy! Here, you can find the latest toys, gift items, games, dolls, and other play items for kids. Will you be visiting this child's paradise soon?

Note: Please note that currently, kids below 12 years are not allowed to enter malls as per the latest government restrictions.


Things to check out at Gulf Mall
A huge collection of bags and shoes at CCC.

CCC is a multi-brand shoes and bags shop that opened its first-ever store in GCC at Gulf Mall. You can shop for fashionable and different types of shoes, bags, suitcases, and accessories here! Are you excited to check out this store?

Brioche Dorée

Things to check out at Gulf Mall
What are you going to try from Brioche Dorée?

Bite into freshly baked goods, pancakes and cookies at Brioche Dorée, a French restaurant. They also have yummy meals like the Mushroom Swizz Burger, Grilled Chicken, Halloumi Salad, and more! Have you tried their food before?

Details of the mall:


Do you have a favourite place that you often visit at Gulf Mall? Let us know in the comments section below. Do share this article – it keeps us going!

Cover image credit: Gulf Mall