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Posted On: 10 July 2020 07:40 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

Have you heard of Qatar’s Shura Awa island?

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Did you know Qatar has an island called Shura Awa Island? It's like a little piece of serenity tucked away in the waters surrounding Qatar that's relatively untouched and away from the hustle-bustle and noise of city life.

Shura Awa Island is a beautiful, largely untouched island just off the coast of Qatar and is the talk of the town right now! It’s a small island - just less than 1 km long and c.500 m wide. It's made up of rocky hills with crags and slopes and a good cover of salt-tolerant bushes.

This beautiful picturesque island is surrounded by dazzling pristine green - blue waters with waves lapping at the shore and rich golden sand on its beach that’s soft to the touch and a pleasure to walk in. The coral reef that surrounds the area is a must-see and adds to the splendour of this small, yet perfect little island.

Inhabitants of Shura Awa Island

Shura Awa Island is frequented by different species of migratory sea birds who flock the island on their way to different destinations. You can also find wild rabbits and turtles here

Location of Shura Awa island

The island is 76 km due east of the mainland of Qatar and Doha Harbour and is situated between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. It’s close to Diynah Island and takes about an hour to get there by boat.

Have you heard of Qatar’s Shura Awa island?
Location of Shura Awa Island (Image credit: Google)

Its coordinates are:

  • Latitude: 25°1'60" N, Longitude: 52°13'60" E (in degrees, minutes and seconds);
  • Latitude: 25.0333°, Longitude: 52.2333° (in decimal degrees);

Its UTM position is XH26 and its Joint Operation Graphics reference is NG39-11. (GetAMap.Net).

    Cover image credit: Fakhroo

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