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Posted On: 12 October 2020 03:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 10:18 am

6 unusual places to see in Qatar

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Qatar is an awe-inspiring place, filled with beautiful places to go to, see and enjoy. Did you know that there are some unusual places in Qatar that you can visit and experience it first-hand? This can help you expand your understanding about this beautiful country while also satisfying the explorer in you!

We have listed down some of these places you can add to your list of places to explore in Qatar.

Al ‘Arish Fisherman’s Village

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Al ‘Arish is a fishing village located in the northwest of Qatar, in the municipality of Al Shamal. It was abandoned once the oil boom in Qatar began. It is one of the largest fishermen settlements in Qatar, with about 40 houses, which are now in ruins. These were inhabited even during the 1970s, before they were completely abandoned.

Today, this village tells a tale of Qatar’s past and gives us a peek into how life was during the time.


Al Wukair Scrapyard

Image Credit: Atlas Obscura

This place looks something like a scene from the movies and is filled with hundreds and thousands of cars, trucks, jeeps, buses and any type of vehicle you can imagine. This is Qatar’s largest scrapyard where all the neglected and dumped vehicles in all types of conditions go to. It is located only 33 minutes away from the main city, Doha.

According to Atlas Obscura, visitors are not really encouraged to enter the area due to safety reasons. However, sometimes, the guards might take you in and accompany you while exploring the area.


Al Wakrah Dhow Harbor

This is the perfect spot to see many traditional boats or dhows lined up at the Al Wakrah Port. Al Wakrah is a beautiful municipality, located next to Doha and is only 20 minutes away from it.

A visit to this location gives you a glance at how the past would have looked like. It looks similar to the fishing and pearling docks of Qatar and this place gives you an opportunity to see the dhows from close proximity. Today, some of these dhows are still used for fishing while others give tourists rides on the vast waters.


Musfur Sinkhole

The Musfur Sinkhole is a natural wonder of Qatar. It is a deep sinkhole that is about 16 feet deep and with an opening of about 40 feet. It is a great spot to explore during the day time and be sure to carry water and snacks. As expected, there are no toilet facilities here.

The sinkhole is open to visitors throughout the day, and once you reach there, there are no steps to descend into it. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable footwear and clothes for your little adventure. The temperature inside the sinkhole is much lower than what it is outside. Some points to know about it are that there is no water at the bottom of it, you will not find bats in the sinkhole, you might find insects and migratory birds there. The descent is easy but the climb back up is hard. It is better to reach the destination via a 4x4 over a sedan and trust the GPS! Make sure you take your camera and a torchlight for some memorable pictures!


Learn more about Musfur Sinkhole here:

Bin Jelmood House

Image Credit: Msheireb Museums

Bin Jelmood House is part of Msheireb Museums. The ambition of it is to raise awareness and play an important role in the abolition of exploitation of humans. By visiting this museum, one can understand how enslavement spread with the movement of civilisation around the world. The House also explains how Islam played a pivotal role in guiding people to treat enslaved people humanely and how to integrate them into society, by the eventual abolition of slavery.

Bin Jelmood House tells of a tale of the flourishing trade in enslaved people back in the day and how the story of Qatar began with slavery but ended up in freedom and prosperity for all. Know the opening hours, book a visit or even and educational tour by clicking:


Al Jumail Fisherman’s Village

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Located at the northwest part of Qatar, Al Jumail is another abandoned fishing village, once inhabited by the Al Kubaisi family which can be seen as ruins now. It is the perfect weekend escapade to learn about the culture and history of our country and to understand the roots.

Today, the part of the ruins include an old minaret that still stands the test of time, a small mosque and parts of a few settlements. The history of this fishing village goes back to the later half of the 19th century and was still inhabited until the early 20th century too! You can find pieces of pottery and other materials here. You can also enjoy the beach close to the village, for some nice relaxation.


Some basic tips to keep in mind while visiting the fishing villages and the sinkhole:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear.
  • Wear sunscreen and do not litter anywhere.
  • Be sure to carry water and snacks as there are no shops around.
  • Stay within the designated areas, do not wander to unknown locations.

Here are some other exciting things you can do and see in Qatar:

How many of these places have you visited? Do you know of any more unusual and must-see places in Qatar? Let us know! Do share this article - it keeps us going!

Source: Msheireb Museums, Atlas Obscura, Wikipedia