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Posted On: 28 July 2020 06:17 pm
Updated On: 28 August 2022 05:39 pm

Boat and yacht rental services in Qatar

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Boat yacht rental services qatar

Qatar is surrounded by beautiful waters all around it. Boating or taking the yacht out with your family and friends is a great activity that we are sure everyone will love.

If you are looking to hit the waves soon, the (ILQ) team has put together a list of boat and yacht rental services (in alphabetical order) for you to enjoy! Have fun!


  • Please note that the prices are as per the details given by the company at the time of contact and are subject to change based on the time of booking, type of package chosen and more.
  • Please call the respective company before booking.

    Boxbay Boat Club

    boxbay boat club
    Image credit: Boxbay Boat Club

    Located at Box Park Qatar, Boxbay Boat Club takes you on island trips and offers boating training, leisure trips, fishing trips, night trips and more. You can also rent their yacht and speed boats and cruise along the coastline.

    • Price:
      • Leisure trips: QR 1,500; 3 hours; max 8 people
      • Speed boat trips: QR 300; 30 min; max 8 people
      • Night trips:
        • Weekday: QR 800; 2 hours; max 8 people
        • Weekend: QR 1,000; 2 hours; max 8 people
    • Phone: +974 3336 6820
    • Instagram: @boxbayboatclub

    Golden Yacht Qatar

    Golden Yacht Qatar
    Image credit: Golden Yacht Qatar

    With a complete fleet of yachts, fishing boats and speed boats for leisure, Golden Yacht Qatar can give you a unique and enjoyable experience out at sea!

    • Price: QR 600 for boat; 1 hour; max 8 people
    • Phone: +974 5590 0501
    • Instagram: @goldenyachtq

    Marsa Marine Entertainment

    marsa marne entertainment
    Image credit: Marsa Marine Entertainment

    Enjoy a pick-up from The Pearl-Qatar at Porto Arabia, 27, tour in a luxury yacht, and even stop at Safliya Island to take in the views.

    • Price: Prices differ for the type of boat and add ons
    • Phone: +974 5000 8815
    • Instagram: @mme_qatar

    Ronautica Middle East

    Ronautica middle east
    Image credit: Ronautica Middle East

    Ronautica Middle East provides a range of maritime services, including yacht charters and nautical activities. Tour around The Pearl-Qatar with your near and dear and have a great time.

    • Price:
      • Yacht:
        • QR 1,000; 1 hour; max 8 people including kids
        • QR 2,300; 3 hours; max 8 people including kids
      • Speed boat:
        • QR 450; 1 hour; max 8 people including kids
        • QR 950; 1 hour; max 8 people including kids
    • Phone: +974 6666 0536
    • Instagram: @ronautica_me

    Sealine Yachts Qatar

    Image credit: Shutterstock

    Sealine Yachts Qatar offers houseboat and yacht rentals to enjoy with your family and friends. Soak up all the fun while experiencing the beauty of Doha's waters. You can also add services like jet skiing, kayaking, event celebrations and others during your trip.

    • Price:
      • Houseboat:
        • Sun-Wed: QR 3,000; 3 hours; max 30 people
        • Thu-Sat: QR 3,250; 3 hours; max 30 people
      • Majestic yacht: QR 2,650; 2 hours; max 16 people
    • Phone: +974 3336 6820
    • Instagram: @sealineyachts

    Venice Yachts

    venice yachts
    Image credit: Venice Yachts

    Venice Yachts offer a variety of services to customers to choose from, including luxury packages for weddings, birthdays and graduation parties. They also rent out boats and yachts to spend quiet time at sea.

    • Price:
      • Monster 40: QR 900; 1 hour; max 10 people
      • Yacht 50: QR 2,400; 2 hours; maximum 10 people
    • Phone: +974 6666 0536
    • Instagram: @veniceyachts

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    Have you taken boats or yachts out on the waters in Qatar yet? How did you like it? Do let us know in the comments below - do share this article - it keeps us going!