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Posted On: 5 January 2021 06:01 pm

How to dispose old home appliances in Qatar

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Do you have a fridge that's outdated and doesn't cool anymore? Do you have an old window air conditioner, that blows off hot air instead of cold? Has your microwave stopped heating the food? Do you have other home appliances that are past their prime?

In Qatar, the different municipalities are responsible for collecting solid waste like used home appliances. They either collect directly using their own logistics or indirectly by using private waste management companies. A number of trucks collect these used home appliances from different collection points or directly from people's homes or companies, and has adopted an

"integrated waste hierarchy of prevention, reduction, reuse, recycling, energy recovery, and as a last option, landfill disposal." (Ecomena)

We were able to get in touch with some of the waste management companies in Qatar that can help you get rid of used home appliances in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

How to dispose off old home appliances in Qatar
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Seashore Recycling Centre

Seashore Recycling Centre has a scrap processing yard in Doha's industrial area. That's where they process scrap. They have a recycling scrap collection system in certain residential areas where they place bins for registered customers. These customers place their used appliances in the bins or next to them depending on their size, and Seashore Recycling Centre collects them two times a month.

At the scrap processing yard, appliances like fridges, ovens, air-conditioners, etc. go through segregation, sorting and removal of waste items. If you have more appliances to get rid of, Seashore Recycling Centre will collect from your residence. Appliances like fridges, ovens, etc will go through segregation, sorting and removal of waste items. The metal parts are sent to Seashore Recycling Centre's recycling facility and the waste is disposed off.

Seashore Recycling Centre is also currently working on a project so people can directly go and drop their used appliances at the recycling centre.

Become a member of the Seashore Recycling Initiative:


Power Waste Management and Transport Company W.L.L.

Power Waste Management also deals with e-waste management. They collect old and discarded home appliances from wherever it needs to be picked up. However, they do not recycle the products but, instead, deliver to various scrap dealers who recycle the appliances.


Al Haya Waste Management

According to Al Haya Waste Management collects and disposes off electronic waste. Al Haya is part of Al Haya Enviro, a company recognised and certified by MME for safe disposal of industrial and office waste.

The waste management team at Al Haya will coordinate with you and arrange to collect your discarded home appliances. They will bring a van and a weighing machine. The weight of your appliances will be weighed and recorded in a water manifest, and an invoice generated. After you settle the bill for Al Haya's collection service, it will provide you all the necessary documents and certificates to prove you have met the standards for waste disposal. Your appliances are taken by the team and Al Haya will dispose them off, according to guidelines issued by the MME.



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