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Posted On: 8 January 2019 12:03 pm
Updated On: 2 April 2021 02:33 pm

10 apps that will make living in Qatar a breeze!

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People of the digital age are lucky to be equipped with all the necessary tools to keep their lives going with just one click. And while we're dependent on and familiar with tech giants such as Google and Facebook, there are a lot more helpful mobile apps available on either Google Play or Apple's App Store that you can download to make your stay in Qatar free of hassle!

Keep scrolling as we bring you our roundup of the Top 10 handiest mobile apps that will help make your life in Qatar a breeze! And the best part? Most of them are free to download

(Updated as of September 23, 2018)

Qatar Events

Google Play:
App store:

Qatar Events app

This app was developed after the founders realized that there's a great demand for an all-in-one application where people can access all the important events happening in Qatar in just one click. With the promise of keeping event-goers in Doha updated with all the events happening in Qatar, the app is free to download and unlike most apps out there, Qatar Events won't encourage you to buy a premium account, as each feature—including an updated events list—is accessible with just one tap!


Google Play:
App Store:

This local-based grocery app has once been featured in our Thursday column Startup Of The Week where we feature creative, unique, and impactful Qatari startups. With the tagline 'Less Time, More Options,' Suncart is undeniably every resident's at-your-fingertips app guaranteed to cater to all of your needs as it allows its users to order groceries online for delivery right to their door. Retailers can even feature their items on the app and use Suncart’s transportation network to carry out deliveries! Now that's ajeeb!

1. Metrash2

Google Play: App Store:


This all-in-one government app is reliable and easy to use! Metrash2 offers Qatari nationals and residents an easy way to access the Ministry of Interior (MoI) services through their mobile devices. In the app, you can inquire about official documents and how to create and pay for individual/company exit permits through the user interface. The newly-improved Metrash2 app leads to time, effort, and money saved without the need of making a visit to the ministry in person -- as all services are easily accessed through your smartphone. MoI has also provided a complete guide on how to use Metrash2.

2. Qatar Post

Google Play / App Store:

(Source: Q-Post)

This past September, Qatar Post unveiled their brand-new logo to the public with the promise of an innovative, trusted, and speedy service for its customers. Through it, users can track their items and renew their P.O.Box using their credit card through the convenience of their mobile devices. Designed with a user-friendly interface, the Qatar Post team is dedicated to bringing fresh updates to the app every month.

3. Kahramaa

Google Play:

(Source: Gulf Times)

Being the official app for the Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation, Kahramaa allows its customers to pay their electricity and water bills, conduct service status tracking, and access many other Kahramaa services from the convenience of their phones. The app also provides several E-services for customers, such as tracking of service status, updating of E-bills email, and self-meter reading.

4. Karwa

Google Play:

(Source: Doha News)

Getting around Doha may seem daunting at first with the seemingly unending roadworks taking place in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. With the Karwa app, you just have to book through the app and a turquoise-coloured lift will directly come to you in no time!

5. Qatar Airways

Google Play: App Store:

(Source: Qatar Airways Cargo)

If you're a frequent traveller and hate endless check-in queues in the airport, then this app is for you! Keep track of your trips with the Qatar Airways app anytime, anywhere! This app also allows passengers to search for flights to provide them with the most convenient options. On a tight budget? You can view a 7-day fare calendar to compare competitive prices highlighting the lowest fare, make special arrangements, request a special meal and check flight status. Use the HIA Qatar app along with it, and you're ready to go!

6. Zomato

Google Play: App Store:

(Source: The Zomato App)

Qatar is home to a few thousand restaurants at the moment and, every day, more dining options are sprouting to cater to its multicultural community. The quickest way to locate the restaurant of your choice is via Zomato -- an app that lets you search for and discover restaurants to eat out at or order in from. With their tagline 'Never have a bad meal,' Zomato is ultimately second-to-none when it comes to the services they offer -- not only in Qatar but across the globe! You can view menus, pictures, phone numbers, directions, user reviews, and all other information needed to choose a restaurant for dining out, delivery, nightlife, or takeaway.

7. QTickets

Google Play:

(Source: QTickets App)

Are you always on-the-go with the latest events happening around town? Well if you despise the thought of waiting in line to snag your tickets, QTickets is here to assist you with everything -- you guessed it -- ticket-related! You can book and buy your movie tickets, and tickets for events, plays, and sports matches in advance with the click of a button! Cinema outlets such as those at Villaggio, City Center, Landmark, Royal Plaza & The Mall can all be accessed through the QTickets app!

8. Step Into Health

Google Play: App Store:


With the 2018 Qatar National Sports Day happening in a few short weeks on February 13, the Qatar Olympic Committee developed an app dedicated to it! The Step Into Health app encourages its users to challenge themselves to walk more than 10,000 steps per day for better health. This Aspire Zone initiative aims to promote a healthy community in Qatar. Track your steps, how far you’ve walked, and how many calories you burn. A sister app, the Sports Day Heroes game, allows children to get active together with their virtual friends Ahmed and Nora. Kids have the option to challenge a friend and break their marathon records.

9. Urban Point

Google Play: App Store:

(Source: Entrepreneur)

Who doesn't like discounts? The Urban Point app has annual Ramadan offers allowing users to enjoy meals for two people for the price of one! Several of Doha's top restaurants such as Royal Tandoor, Zaffran Dining Experience, and Wafi Gourmet are just some of the participating outlets for Urban Point -- and the list keeps getting longer! Though the app is free to download, Urban Point has a QR 10/month subscription fee for Vodafone users, which is almost free when you compare the savings.

10. Google Translate

Google Play: App Store:

(Source: Huffington Post)

Despite having English as a widely-spoken language, Arabic is still the primary means of communication in Qatar and throughout the region. And, if you're a newbie who's having a tough time deciphering even the most basic Arabic, then Google Translate is here to save you. The app is a free multilingual machine-translation service that translates text from one language into another. By just typing, Google Translate is capable of translating up to 103 languages -- and 59 when offline. It can even translate two-way speech in 32 languages. How cool is that?

Do you think these apps can be of future help for you and your friends in Qatar? If you know of any more cool local apps that we haven't included in this list, then let us know in the comments below! Also, don't forget to like and share this article!

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