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Posted On: 17 June 2021 05:00 pm
Updated On: 21 June 2021 11:32 pm

What’s in store for you at Lusail Marina Food Arena?

Vrinda Abilash
Vrinda Abilash
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Lusail City is a hip and upcoming spot in Qatar for all things related to fun, food, entertainment, and more! If you’re a foodie and are looking for new places to explore, Lusail City doesn’t disappoint!

The (ILQ) team visited the Lusail Marina Food Arena to bring you all the eateries and coffee shops that are in store for you there. Come hungry, as a lot of options await you – let’s go!

Note: Please click here for all you need to know about the gradual lifting of COVID-19 restrictions in Qatar. Phase 2 of the lifting of restrictions in Qatar starts from 18 June 2021.

As per COVID-19 restrictions set by the government, please make sure to abide by the precautionary measures such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, showing your Ehteraz green status, and frequent hand washing.

What is Lusail Marina Food Arena?

What’s in store for you at Lusail Marina Food Arena?
Entrance of the Lusail Marina Food Arena.

The Lusail Marina Food Arena is a drive-in or drive-through concept and offers visitors a wide range of food selections from coffee shops, juice stalls, burger joints to other fast food! Some cafes and restaurants also have outdoor seating available for a limited number of people.

Who can go there?

It is open to everyone whether you have your own car or not. If you love to explore Qatar and explore the food scene here, then Lusail Marina Food Arena is just for you!

You can drive around until you find a food stall that you like, park and have your order(s) taken, and then hop to the next one for more! You can also walk up to the food stall of your choice and get your orders to-go.

What are some of the shops you'll find here?

What’s in store for you at Lusail Marina Food Arena?
Outdoor seating is also available at some places here!

Coffee Shops/Cafes and Desserts

Some of the things that stood out for us here are the Charcoal Mango ice cream from C H A R G E Я, Kinder Souffle pancake from SO SOUFFLÉ, Cheese Tart from KYOTO, Custard Shells from Float, and Rose Latte from Exit Coffee. What are some of your favourites?

  • Mood Coffee Bar
  • Poori and Karak
  • Code
  • La Churroria
  • Beyond
  • São Paulo Café
  • Honeybee
  • 1M Coffee
  • Crìmy Cookies
  • PI Coffee
  • C H A R G E Я
  • Float
  • The Box
  • Churros Café
  • Glitter Café
  • P l C C O L O
  • KL Café
  • BOLD
  • Wing- Enjoy Life Sip By Sip
  • Exit Coffee
  • The Silver Qatar
  • Owl Specialty Coffee
  • One Coffee
  • Enjoy Café
  • Soft Loop
  • Le Meilleur
  • Mango Talaat
  • Flamingo Specialty Café
  • Sugar Rush
  • C H O
  • Ink Café
  • The 86
What’s in store for you at Lusail Marina Food Arena?
Drive, park, order, enjoy!

Burgers, Sandwiches & Pizzas

If you're a fan of burgers and sandwiches, then some of the recommendations for you would be the Double Egg Burger from Eggspot, Flaming Crispy Chicken burger from Last Order, Double Hook from SALT QATAR, and the ON AIR Chicken Slow sandwich. What are some of your picks?

  • 375 Chicken N Fries
  • Art Burger
  • QQQ Burger
  • Philly Cheesesteak
  • Roads
  • Miami City Qatar
  • Last Order
  • Cheat Burger
  • Steakoburger
  • BARCODE |||
  • B Fit Restaurant
  • Order Here
  • Eggspot
  • Pizzeria Napoli
  • Firefly Burger
  • The Döner
  • ON AIR
  • Magic Shack
What’s in store for you at Lusail Marina Food Arena?
What are you ordering from here?!


There are other food places here that serve noodles, Mexican cuisine, seafood, and even smoothies too! Don't forget to check them out when you're there!

  • The Tiny Leaves
  • Smoothie Factory
  • Abocado
  • 3nb Leaves
  • Noodleswok
  • Traditional
  • Mataf And Tea
  • Xfire Truck
  • La Parrilla
  • Miky's Deli
  • Rotana Restaurant
  • 3H Restaurant
  • Diner Cone Qatar

Lusail Marina Food Arena details

What’s in store for you at Lusail Marina Food Arena?
Location of Lusail Marina Food Arena.

What else can you do here?

What’s in store for you at Lusail Marina Food Arena?
What else can you do here?

After you've enjoyed your favourite food and drinks, you can stroll along the Lusail Marina Promenade, walk or go cycling there, drive around Lusail City and take a look at all the new and upcoming buildings too!


Have you been to Lusail Marina Food Arena before? What are some of your favourite food stalls here? Do let us know below! Do share this article - it keeps us going!