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Posted On: 28 February 2022 09:03 pm
Updated On: 1 March 2022 09:45 am

FAQs about Ehteraz Gold Frame and Green Health Status

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FAQs about Ehteraz Gold Frame and Green Health Status

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) released answers to frequently asked questions about the Gold Frame and Green Health Status on the Ehteraz app.

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Q1. Are a Gold Frame and Green Health Status both needed to enter public buildings?

  • A Gold Frame is not required to enter public buildings including malls, company offices, and government facilities, or to go to work (some locations may require unvaccinated individuals to submit evidence of a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test).
  • However, a Green Health Status is required to enter indoor public places, in order to prove the individual does not currently have COVID-19 or is not under quarantine.

Q2. Do unvaccinated recovered individuals receive a Gold Frame on Ehteraz?

  • No. These individuals will not receive a Gold Frame. However, individuals who are recovered from COVID-19 in the last 9 months are eligible for the same privileges as vaccinated people under the current COVID-19 restrictions.
  • To prove their recovered status, they can show the recovered date and icon on their Ehteraz application to relevant authorities.

Q3. What does a Green Health Status on Ehteraz represent?

The green status is displayed if the user does not currently have COVID-19 and is not under quarantine.

Q4. Is the Gold Frame given only to fully vaccinated individuals?

Yes. A Gold Frame will be present around the colored health status of users who are fully vaccinated as per the below:

  • Individuals who have had two doses of MOPH approved COVID-19 vaccines and no more than 9 months have passed following administration of the second dose
  • Individuals who have received their booster dose in the last 9 months - a booster dose will ensure the Gold Frame remains for a further 9 months.

Please make sure to check out the Ministry of Public Health's website to see the latest updates.

Source: MOPH