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Posted On: 2 March 2021 09:51 am
Updated On: 6 October 2021 05:41 pm

[UPDATED] FAQ about the COVID-19 Drive-through vaccination center

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[UPDATE] 27 March 2021, 9:16 pm
HMC announced Al Wakra drive-through vaccination center will open from 28 March 2021.

[UPDATE] 17 March 2021, 10:20 am
MoPH has announced more information about the COVID-19 drive-through vaccination centre at Lusail and here's what you need to know.

Q1: What are the busiest times at the centre?

A: People will be seen on a first-come-first-seen basis at the centre. At peak times, you may have to wait while others are seen first.

In the first few weeks of operation, the busiest times according to MoPH have been 11 am and 1 pm daily. For the fastest and most effective experience, MoPH recommends people to visit between 2 pm and 7 pm.

Q2: What if people don't have a car, can they still visit the centre?

A: People visiting the Drive-Through Center must complete the vaccination process in a car or suitable vehicle. It cannot be done on foot. However, people who do not own a car can complete the vaccination process in a taxi.


In continuation of its efforts to further the National COVID-19 vaccination campaign, the Ministry of Public Health has just announced the COVID-19 drive-through vaccination center. The center is operated by Hamad Medical Corporation, in collaboration with Primary Health Care Corporation. It has been designed to provide a convenient way for people to receive their vaccinations.

Find out about the process here.

Q3: Who is eligible for vaccinations at the drive-through center?

A: People receiving their second vaccine dose will be eligible to visit the drive-through center.

Q4: Where is the drive-through center located?

A: There are 2 drive-through centers located.

1 - Lusail drive-through vaccination center, behind the Lusail Multipurpose Hall.

Lusail COVID-19 drive-through vaccination center
(click to see in Google Maps) location of the Lusail COVID-19 drive-through vaccination center

2 - Al Wakrah drive-through center behind Al Janoub stadium

Al Wakrah drive-through COVID-19 vaccination center map
(click to see in Google Maps) location of the Lusail COVID-19 drive-through vaccination center

Q5: What do people need to bring with them for their vaccination?

  • QID
  • Health card
  • Vaccination card (which was given at the time of the first dose)
  • Ehteraz (with green status)
  • Mask

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Q6: When will the drive-through center be open?

A: Lusail center operating hours: 11 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. Note that the last entrance to the center will be 9 pm.

covid-19 vaccination drive-through lusail
Image credit: MoPH Qatar/Twitter

Al Wakrah center's opening hours are not announced yet.

covid-19 vaccination drive-through al Wakra
Image credit: MoPH Qatar/Twitter

Q7: Is an appointment needed to attend the drive-through center?

A: No. People do not need an appointment to attend the drive-through center. However, as the center is only for people receiving their second dose, they must attend 21 days after their first dose. This date will be given at the time of the first dose.

Eligible people will be scheduled by the PHCC team for their second dose at the COVID-19 Drive-Through Vaccination Center when they take their first dose appointment at one of the primary health centers.

People cannot visit the drive-through center on a day other than the set date for the second dose.

People attending the drive-through center will be seen on a first-come first-seen basis. At peak times you may be required to wait while other people are seen first.

Q8: Do people need to wear masks during their visit?

A: Yes. All attendees must wear masks at all times in their vehicles while at the drive-through center Even if the vehicle has only one occupant, they must still wear a mask as they will be interacting with medical staff at the center.

Q9: Can people visit the drive-through center together in one vehicle?

A: Yes If you have family or friends who are also due their second dose on the same day, you can attend the drive-through center in the same vehicle.

Note that a maximum of four people is allowed in one vehicle. Vehicles with more than four occupants will not be admitted to the drive-through center.

No pets are allowed inside vehicles when visiting the drive-through center.

Q10: Can we use a taxi to visit?

Yes, you can use the taxi but visiting the center on foot is NOT allowed.

Q11: What is the vaccination process at the drive-through center?

A: Step 1: On arrival, security will check your Ehteraz you will be directed to one of the primary waiting lanes. Each occupant of the car is asked to have their Ehteraz ready for inspection on arrival.

Step 2: Once you reach the front of the primary waiting lane, you will be directed to one of the 10 vaccination lanes.

Step 3: Your first stop will be at the registration/assessment pod. Once you reach this point you will be asked to place your car in park, apply your brake and lower the car window/s. A member of the drive-through center team will ask for QID, health card, and vaccination card for each of the car occupants and they will ask a few quick assessment questions. All occupants should always remain inside the vehicle. After registration is complete, your vaccination and ID cards will be returned to you and you will be asked to drive forward to the next stop.

Step 4: The second stop is at the vaccination pod - where you will once again be asked to put your car in to park and apply the brake. A member of the drive-through team will take each occupant's vaccination card and they will administer the vaccine to vehicle occupants through the vehicle windows

Step 5: Once all occupants have been vaccinated, you will then be asked to drive into the observation parking area where you will be required to wait in your car) for a short while to ensure you do not have a reaction to the vaccine.

Paramedic teams will be on-site in the unlikely event that anyone reaction requiring emergency medical support.

Step 6: Once your wait time is up, the observation team will come to your vehicle and give you your completed vaccination cards. You will then be free to leave the drive-through center.


Source: Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)