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Happy Qatar National Sport Day! Watch our video and try the challenge yourself!
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Get a glimpse of the many heartwarming fan moments, fun victory displays by teams & so much more!
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Check out some of the best captured moments from the Qatar National Day 2022 celebrations!
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The year 2022 has seen diverse visitors in Qatar, and here is a special message in their own language to celebrate Qatar National Day.
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Watch and enjoy our fun interview with the viral dance group Quick Style in Qatar!
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qatar events
Al Wakalat Car Market 2019
Click here to watch our video on Al Wakalat Car Market 2019!
23 December 2019
Doha Burger Festival 2019
Watch our video for a quick glimpse into what's happening at the Doha Burger Festival 2019!
22 December 2019
Qatar National Day drone show thrill audiences at Katara
We captured those magical moments, beautiful views and colorful skies to show you the joyful vibes at Katara. Click here to watch the video!
20 December 2019
Mesmerising fireworks at Katara for Qatar National Day 2019
Watch the fireworks light up the Doha skyline and move with the rhythm of the music at Katara to celebrate QND 2019.
19 December 2019
HIGHLIGHTS: Qatar National Day 2019
Where did you celebrate Qatar National Day 2019? Check out the highlights of today's event in and around Qatar!
19 December 2019
This amazing hyper-lapse video for Qatar National Day is made with 2022 photos!
Click here to watch the video and see how the ILQ team shares their love in celebration of Qatar National Day.
10 December 2019
Qatar's first ever hot air balloon festival
Watch this awesome video and then go experience the colourful Qatar Balloon Festival that's the talk of the town this December.
9 December 2019
The 2019 Traditional Dhow Festival in Qatar
atch the video and visit this action-packed amazing event. You and your family will love it!
8 December 2019
People in Qatar show their love through National Day message l Qatar National Day 2019
The glorious Qatar National Day is just around the corner and here's how people of Qatar share their love for the country.
4 December 2019
Check out the Qatar Street Food Festival 2019!
Check our video on the Qatar Street Food Festival 2019!
25 November 2019
EVERY THING EVERY TIME in Qatar. Watch our video for more!
24 November 2019
Unleash your inner Geek at Ajyal Film Festival 2019
Here's a fun way to embrace your inner Geekness at Ajyal Film Festival 2019! Watch the video now!
21 November 2019
Ajyal Film Festival 2019 is lit!
Click here to know what's in store for you at the Ajyal Film Festival 2019!
19 November 2019
Hospitality Qatar 2019: A perfect platform for showcasing latest products and solutions
Have you visited the Hospitality Qatar yet? Check out the video to know more about this exhibition happening until 14 November at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DE...
13 November 2019
Check out the Friday Souq at Education City!
Have you been to Friday Souq yet? If you have not, check this video out!
7 November 2019
Top 10 interesting technologies to check out at the QITCOM 2019
Have you visited QITCOM 2019 yet? Watch the video to know about some interesting technologies at this amazing exhibition.
30 October 2019
Fun activities at World Superbike Championship 2019 in Qatar
Click here to enjoy the action from the World Superbike Championship 2019.
29 October 2019
Qatar hosted UN Day 2019 in New York
Watch this awesome video and check out the highlights of the UN Day 2019 event and concert hosted by Qatar in New York on 24 October 2019.
25 October 2019
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