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Posted On: 31 October 2016 05:57 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 01:57 pm

McDonald’s Qatar Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign a Success

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The Qatar community is hailing the success of McDonald’s informational campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As part of a nationwide outreach initiative, throughout the month of October, employees at McDonald’s all across Qatar, wore pink badges to represent a message of hope and solidarity as they stood with the millions of women around the world who are battling breast cancer. McDonald’s also marked the month by raising awareness at their stores, by decorating select restaurants with pink balloons and ribbons.

Staff hosted a series of instore activities organised to encourage the community to become engaged in causes to raise awareness and to inspire young women to obtain yearly medical screenings. As a part of this project, McDonald’s Qatar employees invited customers to pin pink ribbons on wall boards to denote their support for battling the disease. During the month-long breast cancer awareness campaign, McDonald’s Qatar social media platforms Facebook and Instagram contained a wealth of important facts about how best to prevent and combat cancer.

The “31 Days of Pink” venture on social media was built upon a unifying principal message that having a breast cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence and that the illness can be driven into remission with proper care, diet and with medically prescribed therapies. The feedback from customers instore was profound, as McDonald’s staff received an array of praise, including:

“I think this campaign is for a great cause and well done for your support. It’s good to see that McDonald’s Qatar is participating in these kinds of projects,” said one female expatriate living in Doha. The online outreach also demonstrated that the condition touches the lives of men, with one male follower opining: “Excellent, that’s why we love McDonald’s – thanks for all the efforts in creating awareness in the Qatar community.”

When speaking of the McDonald’s Breast Cancer Campaign, Mr. Kamal Saleh AlMana, Managing Director of AlMana Restaurants & Food Co., the owner and operator of McDonald’s restaurants in Qatar said, “We are truly proud of all what we accomplished this month in raising awareness for fighting breast cancer. One in eight women will be diagnosed with this disease in her lifetime and so it was important for us to reach out into the community and provide hope and inspiration for all of these women, and to also help prevent its diagnosis in others by encouraging regularly physical examinations. We applaud all of our employees for joining hands with us in this initiative.”

The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign during the month of October was a part of the McDonald’s Qatar Corporate Social Responsibility initiative that aims to reach out into the heart of the community and provide help, education and awareness in vulnerable populations.