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Posted On: 23 May 2021 02:39 pm

Enjoy immersive cinematic experiences anywhere with HUAWEI MatePad

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Enjoy immersive cinematic experiences anywhere with HUAWEI MatePad

For many people, films and TV shows are best enjoyed when they are snuggled up on the sofa or in bed, preferably with loved ones. For these lovebirds, tablets are their media player of choice as these devices are more portable than PCs yet offering a larger display than smartphones. When choosing a tablet for multimedia enjoyment, you should go with one that comes with a high resolution display, advanced audio system, and supports a long battery life. Among all the popular tablets out there, the HUAWEI MatePad is one of the few that checks every box on the list.

HUAWEI MatePad New
Image credit: Huawei

First things first, it features a HUAWEI FullView Display in a 10.4-inch body. With bezels just 7.8mm thin, it wastes no space in front, sporting a screen-to-body ratio of 84%. Coupled with a 16.9:6 aspect ratio, the HUAWEI MatePad lets you immersive in your favourite TV episodes. In addition to having a lot of screen real estate, the high resolution display (2000x1200 at 225 pixels per inch) supports 100% of the sRGB colour gamut, which means it is capable of faithfully reproducing colours of the source material and displaying it accurately for your enjoyment. Whether it is used to show documentaries, award-wining films, tutorial videos or even action-packed games, every minute detail is crisp and live-like, immersing you into whatever content in a way that few other tablets can do.

In fact, the HUAWEI MatePad supports HUAWEI ClariVu Display Enhancement technology, Huawei’s very own display enhancement solution that takes image clarity to next level. By using advanced algorithms, this technology adjusts the darker parts and improves colour saturation as well as sharpness for unclear details and low contrast in videos. Furthermore, this solution even adjusts dynamic range on the fly to ensure vivid colours at all times.

Another reason why HUAWEI MatePad is a great a media player is that it is built on Huawei’s years of experience in innovating multimedia technologies. Every time it’s used to play a film or music, your bedroom transforms into a theatre or live concert hall with rich stereo sound. You don’t have to plug in additional stereo speakers as the HUAWEI MatePad features a quad-speaker audio system to produce surround sound for breath-taking sound quality. What’s more, the chipset inside tablet provides multi-channel signal processing. Another amazing feature that HUAWEI MatePad natively supports is the capability to restore the lower quality audio signals to further improve your experience, no matter you’re binging on your favourite sitcom or following instructions of a cooking tutorial.

To offer theatre-like sound effects, HUAWEI MatePad supports Huawei’s HUAWEI Histen 6.1 to faithfully reproduce 3D spatial sounds for an immersive enjoyment. If you used to pay more attention to audio details, HUAWEI MatePad won’t let you down as it’s certified by the prestigious Harman Kardon for its incredible audio quality.

Knowing how bad a buzzkill having your tablet die on your in the middle of a film, Huawei packed a large 7250mAh (typical value) battery in the HUAWEI MatePad. Working in synergy with the low power consumption Kirin 820 and EMUI’s AI Power Saving technology, the tablet is equipped to offer a long-lasting battery life. On one full charge, you can watch locally-saved films continuously for up to 12.5 hours. And thanks to the 10V/2.25A fast charging support, you can charge HUAWEI MatePad by 30% in just 30 minutes – as long as it takes to have lunch. You don’t even have to power it down, the tablet can be fully charged in 2.5 hours even when it’s turned on.

Besides entertainment, HUAWEI MatePad is a portable powerhouse for productivity as well. At the core of tablet, the Kirin 820 includes an Mali-G57 and Da Vinci NPU to deliver fast and smooth performance across all essential workloads, from photo editing, to word processing and gaming.

A good product not only empowers users but also cares for them. HUAWEI MatePad offers an Eye Comfort mode that adjusts the screen white balance and colour saturation, as well as effectively lowers harmful blue light to alleviate eye fatigue for you. When you are reading reports or browsing webpages on it, you can enjoy a more relaxing reading experience. Speaking of reading, there’s a dedicated eBook mode. Enabled, it adjusts the contrast, brightness, clarity, colour saturation and more to deliver a reading experience that is comparable to reading a physical book – one that is more comfortable and less straining on the eyes.

If you often use a tablet on the go, portability is another factor that you should consider when selecting a tablet. The HUAWEI MatePad is compact and light, with its middle frame gently curved for a comfortable grip. It measures only 7.45mm thick and weighs around 460g, which is backpack-friendly and easy to carry around in hands. What’s more, it is available in a premium Midnight Grey colourway that goes well with any outfit. Check out HUAWEI MatePad at the new Huawei Experience Store in Doha Festival City.

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