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Posted On: 3 November 2020 03:00 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:08 pm

Interview with AlMoez Ali - Qatar National Football team striker and Al Duhail SC Captain

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Red Bull Qatar
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Interview-with-Al Moez-Ali-Qatar-National-Football-team-striker-and-Al-Duhail-SC-Captain

AlMoez Ali is a favourite name and one of the closest to the hearts of the football fans in Qatar. Immortalized in his taking the podium as the top scorer in the Asian Cup: an unprecedented achievement for the national team, putting Almoez’ exceptional talent in the limelight, raises the expectations for a brilliant future.

Following the start of his recent partnership with Red Bull, AlMoez discloses key things in his life that are of interest for every professional soccer player, talking about his early days, how his career developed, the lessons learnt from various experiences, the future prospects, the focus on Qatar’s participation in the 2022 World Cup and other continental tournaments, as well as discussing the right balance that every soccer player ought to strike.

How did you reach the apex of glory at such a young age?

As a young soccer player, I had big dreams to become a star like the Qatari players I used to watch, such as Khalfan Ibrahim, Hassan El Haydous and the top scorer Sebastian. My ambition was to reach that level of accomplishments. With the help of God, I was able to achieve such scores and even more. This was the fruit of the collective efforts of the team I play with, who helped me reach to the top.

Have you faced any difficulty during the early stages of being a football player?

The start was tough. I used to play for a small club, and making it to the national team, while playing in the second division, wasn’t easy. But I worked hard to develop my skills… When I moved to the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence, I learned a lot. I kept on the hard work and continued to learn from the Academy.

Can we say that qualifying for the FIFA U-20 World Cup is AlMoez’ first achievement?

Qualifying for the FIFA U-20 World Cup in New Zealand was the actual kickoff of my career. We had in fact won the AFC U-19 Championship, and reaching the World Cup was a dream come true. The last time the national team had qualified for the World Cup had been before 28 years, and I had the honour of being the team’s top scorer in the U-20 World Cup when I was only 19 years old.

Did the U-20 team pave your way towards joining the Olympic Team and the National Team?

Upon reaching the World Cup, it is normal for any player to raise the bar much higher, and aim for more wins and titles. Therefore, my aspirations weren’t limited to the Olympic Team. I aimed to reach the Senior National Team, and to achieve continental titles, just as it was the case in 2014 with the U-20 team when we won the Asian Cup, and qualified for the U-20 World Cup. When I joined the Olympic team, we were just one step away from qualifying to the 2016 Rio Olympic games, though luck was not on our side. I was only nineteen years old when I joined the National Team, and I am grateful to have gone through all the steps on the way to reach where I am today.

What about your experience with the Aspire Academy?

The Aspire Academy phase was very important and tough for me as a player at such a young age. We’d have high level, intense, tough morning and evening drills day-in-day-out, with players that were all of a professional level, and played with major clubs, while I played with a minor team. There was a great gap in terms of training capacities, and I had to work twice as hard to come close to my Aspire teammates. It was tough, but the level of the training and the coach’s guidance was very useful. The team also helped me enhance my skills.

    I used to train with Spanish soccer star Raul Gonzalez. He was one of the people who helped me at Aspire. He gave me plenty of good advice and useful tips on attacking tactics and finishing. The trainer of the national team, coach Felix Sanchez, was also of great help to me, and trusted me as a striker. He nurtured the goalscorer within me and advised me incessantly on how important it was to keep trying.

    Can you describe what you felt when you joined the Red Bull team that brings together Qatar’s legends in the world of sports?

    It is wonderful to join the Red Bull athletes’ family alongside the sports legends here in Qatar. It is every athlete’s dream to have a big partner, supporting them in every step along the way and helping them achieve their ambitions. I am so glad to be part of the RedBull family, and happier still to know that a giant world-class company, known for its support for sports and athletes all over the world, has got my back. I am extremely proud to be in the same team alongside my brothers, namely my superhero and Rally legend Nasser Al AttiYah, the High Jump icon and 2x World Champion Mutaz Barshim, the exceptional squash star Abdullah Tamimi, as well as e-Sports FIFA Champion Ahmad Al Meghessib. Barshim and Tamimi used to be my classmates in Aspire Academy, and I’ve seen with my own eyes how Red Bull took them under its wings. I was a witness to how the support of this brand helped them give their best, in the fields of High Jump and Squash respectively. This makes every athlete in the world wish to join Red Bull.

    What are your ambitions after joining the RedBull team?

    I have so many ambitions that I seek to follow. I strive to be the best player in Asia and in the league. I look forward to achieving my aspirations, mainly to break my own record of nine goals as the Asian Cup Top Scorer. I want to beat my own scores, but I most importantly look forward to giving my best at the Qatar 2022 World Cup and offer a performance that is up to the expectations of the football fans in Qatar and the world as a whole as well as my fellow teammates, my family, and Red Bull as my partner and supporter. This is what I look forward to, and what I work for with all my strength.

    Are you predestined to be an attacker?

    I’ve been one since I was nine. The scorer’s instinct is second nature to me, as a way to steer the attacks, and bring the team’s efforts to fruition. That’s how the attacker in me grew, to become a player to be reckoned with in the whole continent, as I was able with the help of God to score nine goals and become the best scorer in the history of the Asian Cup, which has been my highest achievement so far.

    What is the secret of AlMoez Ali’s success?

    The secret is simply loyalty and dedication in work, and plenty of love to football as a discipline and to my national team and the club I play for. I love my teammates and they love me back, which makes me do my utmost best. I surely have to fight in order to achieve my goals for my national team and my club. Today, I have high expectations for the national team in the upcoming World Cup and Asian Cup.

      At the age of 24, I am now the team’s captain at Al Duhail SC. I am proud of this achievement, which I believe is proof of my dedication to the training and my performance on the ground. I’ve been wearing Al Duhail’s Jersey since I was a player in the younger age groups. I grew with the club, and I contributed to its achievements. This is why you see me wearing Duhail’s captain armband today.

      What are your ambitions as the captain of the Al Duhail SC club?

      We are always working towards having a strong team with a solid presence in all games; a performant team with an identity of its own, that is able to fight and win, and be crowned champions of the Asian Champions League, which is a great ambition.

      You will be one of the biggest names in the Qatar 2022 Word Cup. What are your plans for that?

      Competing in the World Cup has been my dream ever since I was a child. It is the most exciting event that every football player wishes and dreams to take part in. The best thing about this 2022 World Cup is that we will enjoy home advantage and we will be playing among our own football fans in Qatar. My dream is to show excellent performance with the team and for myself. To achieve that, my plan is to keep learning more and more every day, in order to present a special and honourable performance level for my team and my country at the World Cup.

      What are the goals you aspire to achieve with the support of Red Bull?

      Red Bull is a giant world-class company and a big name in the realm of sports. In Europe for example, there are several Red Bull teams, of which one is in Austria, and another one is in Germany. RB Leipzig made it to the UEFA Champions’ League semi-finals. The team has indeed performed particularly well and was the league’s underdog. The team has 6 players under the age of 24 and is a unique and highly ambitious team that is worthy of respect. I personally believe that nothing is impossible for a player who hits the field with Red Bull.

      What is your message to young players and fans?

      To the young players and fans who support me, I wish them all the success in their athletic life and invite them to work more on their education. I encourage them to focus on their learning and enhance their knowledge, which is the key to success in athletic and professional life alike. It is the way for the athlete to honourably represent their country and family, reach their goals, and rise to prominence on global levels. Today, we have big names and great stars in the world of sports, such as Nasser Al Attiyah, Mutaz Barshim, Abdullah Al Tamimi and Ahmad Al Meghessib. All of them have had sweeping successes in the course of their careers. It teaches us that work and knowledge enable athletes to be great stars. I wish all the success to everyone, for the good of our country, and the achievement of our goals. My message is that work, dedication and love in everything we do are the key to success.

      Do you view yourself as the national team’s goalscorer or as AL-Duhail’s captain?

      I view myself as a goalscorer, although a team’s captain has a great role to play in the field. However, I am filled with happiness when I score because I feel I’ve helped the team and comforted all its lines, from goalkeeping to defense all the way through the midfield. I, therefore, see myself as a goalscorer in both the national team and Al-Duhail, of which I am also the captain with all the responsibilities that come along. But in all cases, the aim is one: victory!

      Written by Red Bull Qatar