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Posted On: 3 February 2022 10:00 am
Updated On: 3 February 2022 10:20 am

Why should you register your kids with Evolution Sports - Doha College, Al Wajba

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Why should you register your kids with Evolution Sports - Doha College, Al Wajba

Evolution Sports, popularly known as 'Evo Sports' in Qatar, opened its doors in 2007 with a few worn-out footballs, but a whole lot of passion and enthusiasm. It's 2022 now, and Evolution Sports has become one of Qatar's biggest multi-sports coaching academies and was recently named the 'Best Multi-Sports Youth Coaching Company – Qatar 2019 and 2021' by the GHP Fitness and Nutrition Awards

Why should you register your kids with Evolution Sports - Doha College, Al Wajba
Image credit: Evo Sports

Evolution Sports shares its love of sports with people of all ages and abilities. They provide a number of different sports like soccer, swimming, basketball, netball, archery and fencing. It provides activities and coaching sessions for those who want to learn a sport just for fun and for those who are more serious about sports and want to shape a career for themselves. There's plenty for adults, too.

Evolution Sports and Doha College - together

Why should you register your kids with Evolution Sports - Doha College, Al Wajba
Image credit: Evo Sports

Since 2011, Evo Sports has been located in the Doha College campus, first in Al Waab, before expanding to West Bay. Now in Al Wajba, where the school's campus moved to a purpose-built facility in 2020.

At Doha College Al Wajba, Evo Sports lives by their motto, "Developing the person before the player". Members benefit from the school's world-class facilities, including 4G pitches, two indoor swimming pools, two sports halls, fitness suites, and a multi-usage games area.

Evolution Sports and the coaching - customised

Be part of the sports evolution in Qatar with Evolution Sports
Image credit: Evo Sports

Evo Sports coaching and training programmes are customised based on the member's level, i.e., age, ability, etc. Each child is put in a group that is based on ongoing assessments to ensure their skills are being developed accordingly. These programmes provide a challenging environment to its members so they can thrive and reach their full potential with confidence, intellect and creativity in a range of different sports.

For children:

  1. Evo Soccer: This is the most established programme at Evolution Sports. It helps children of all ages and levels to develop football skills, learn the concept of teamwork in sports and in-depth knowledge about the game. Evo Soccer has coached over 300,000 hours of football and has the most extensive girls-only programme in Qatar.
  2. Evo Swimming: This is one of Qatar's most respected swimming programmes. In a family-friendly environment, it provides swimming classes for all ages and levels of swimmers. Their squad teams also compete in local competitions.
  3. Evo Netball: This is a girls-only coaching programme. Its aim is to provide safe, friendly, inspiring and professional training that's both recreational and also competitive.
  4. Evo Basketball: This is one of Qatar's largest and most established basketball programmes. It helps shape individual players and develop their game both physically and mentally.
  5. Evo Archery: This programme is powered by Clement Sport, education and performance team. It's for children and adults that want to learn something different. This coaching class teaches the skills and techniques of archery and builds focus.
  6. Evo Fencing: This is also powered by Clement Sport, education and performance team. The training programme involves learning how to fence, developing the right technique and understanding this ancient sport.
  7. Evo Mini: It's for the little ones between the ages of 3-6 and includes teaching them the basics of football, basketball and swimming with plenty of playtime and fun training.
  8. Evo Camps: Even if schools are on a break, Evo Sports continues to offer its coaching programmes to children so they have something to do that keeps them fit, healthy and active.

For adults

  1. Evo Active: It's made up of a bunch of fitness programmes and memberships to choose from, and the best thing is there are no hidden costs, registration fees or contracts to sign.
  2. Evo Masters: This is for adults who want to develop their sporting skills. It's made up of a comprehensive adult training programme to improve skills in soccer, swimming, netball, basketball and fitness.

Evolution Sports and the team - passionate

Be part of the sports evolution in Qatar with Evolution Sports
Image credit: Evo Sports

The Evo Sports coaching team is passionate about what they do and, for them, positivity is key. They believe in being inclusive and their aim is to help everyone who comes to them to achieve what they set out to get. It could be professional coaching by experts, team sports, getting into fitness, staying healthy, making new friends, enjoying sports camps in the holidays, or just having some fun. Evo Sports is for everyone no matter what their goal!

Evolution Sports and the members - friendship

Be part of the sports evolution in Qatar with Evolution Sports
Image credit: Evo Sports

Members of Evo Sports, no matter how old they are, have always been at the heart of everything this coaching organisation does. Members value Evo Sports because of the respect, friendship, inclusion, integrity and professionalism they get.

Coaching sessions are specifically designed so that every member, whether they are a complete beginner or an advanced athlete, can be challenged and their respective skill can be further developed. This is done by putting the needs and requirements of each individual member at the very core of every coaching lesson, regardless of which sport they are training for, so each member can develop their confidence through an expertly drawn up plan.

Register your child at Evolution Sports today, and watch how they grow, develop, stay fit and active, and learn some new skills. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be a part of one of Qatar's number one sports academies for soccer, swimming, netball, basketball and fitness!


  • Location: Doha College, Al Niser Street, Al Wajba, Doha - Qatar
  • Tel: +974 4407 6772 (Sunday to Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm)
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Facebook: @EvoSportsQatar
  • Instagram: @evosportsqatar
  • Twitter: @EvoSportsQatar

Source and cover image credit: Evolution Sports Qatar

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