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Posted On: 13 November 2018 07:33 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:02 pm

Two adventurers to cycle around Qatar from today!

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Cycle Around Qatar

Renown adventurers Abdulla Al Hammadi and Pierre Daniel are set to begin their quest to cycle around Qatar in the early hours of Tuesday from Katara. The pair will cover a distance of more than 500 kms within the course of four days, visiting schools around Qatar to raise awareness of road safety and the health benefits of physical activity. They will not be assisted by a support car during the ride and will camp overnight in three different locations. The “Cycling Around Qatar” ride is set to conclude on Friday, November 16th at Aspire Zone. 60-year-old Abdulla Al Hammadi is a well-known figure when it comes to promoting sports in Qatar. He regularly takes part in cycling, marathon and other endurance events that includes Samla, and his adventures around the world include crossing Japan from north to south on a bicycle. A 4300 km journey that took him 27 days to complete. Pierre Daniel is also an endurance sports enthusiast and certified coach. The 37-year-old Frenchman who lives in Qatar have successfully completed numerous marathons, ultramarathons, ironman events in Qatar and around the world. He met Al Hammadi during a charity cycling ride in Europe three years ago and they became close friends. Earlier this year, Pierre completed an unassisted solo run around Qatar covering a distance of over 477Km. He revealed that the mental and emotional support of Al Hammadi during the moments he felt that it might be difficult to complete this gruesome physical challenge, was vital in his success. Now the pair have decided to go on this ride together with the main aim of contributing to the community in Qatar, specially the school children, about road safety and the importance of physical activity.
“When I ran around Qatar I was trying to demonstrate the huge potential that everyone needs to seek and develop in himself and I also wanted to showcase my love to Qatar. It was really wonderful to see that it meant a lot to many people. Now I want to do that again, but this time it will be about the community, specially the kids. We want to show them that leading an active lifestyle is good for your health, and also to raise their awareness of safety on the road. It will be a great experience for us.” Daniel said.
Day one will see Al Hammadi and Daniel covering a distance of 60 kms between Doha and Al Dhakira, then on Wednesday they will go for a 150-kms trip to Al Jumayliyah. That will be followed by a 130-km ride to Salwa on Thursday, before completing the ride on Friday with a 150-km ride that will end at Aspire Zone. During the ride the pair will visit schools in different cities around Qatar. They already kicked off the campaign today with visits to two schools in Doha, Ahmad Mansour School in Westbay and Lycée Voltaire in Al Waab. Children at both schools were eager to learn every detail about cycling and the planned trip.
“That’s exactly what we wanted to see. All these young kids asking every kind of question about the bike, road safety, cycling and our ride. It’s absolutely amazing. They can now go and explore this sport. I am sure that it will make a huge difference in their lives.” Al Hammadi said.

Cycling Around Qatar Map

“Cycling Around Qatar” is sponsored and supported by Aspire Zone, Katara, Qatar Cycling Federation, Qatar Cyclists, Rasen Sports, MBM Transport, Q-Soft, and Silverfox Digital Communications.

Source: Press Release