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Posted On: 7 October 2021 06:30 pm
Updated On: 10 October 2021 10:48 am

Get to know the future trends for dental implants here!

ILQ Staff
ILQ Staff
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Few fields in dentistry and reconstructive medicine attract as much attention as dental implants.

The German Dental & Dermatology Centre (GDDC) did a Q&A with Dr. Dominique Laatz, a renowned Implantologist and Oral Surgeon in Qatar, working at GDDC, to speak about future trends in implant dentistry.

Q: Hello Dr. Laatz. In your function as an implantologist, what would you see as future trends in dental implantology?

Dr. Dominique Laatz: Hello and thanks for having me. As to your question- just recently I made myself familiar with a brand-new study on this topic. The Delphi Study which reports findings regarding expert consensus about future implant trends, raised a lot of points that I agree on.

Q: Which are?

Dr. Dominique Laatz: One important point is that we experts believe that implants will be more frequently placed immediately after tooth extraction. That will speed up the process significantly since we used to wait 2-8 months after extraction before placement.

I strongly believe that premium implant makers should focus on surface optimization to also allow for more implant-to-bone contact and a shorter-time-to-teeth.

Q: Are there any problems with Dental implants that might have to be solved in the future?

Dr. Dominique Laatz: While dental decay is by nature impossible for implants, Implants are suggestible to gum disease just like normal teeth. This is called Periimplantitis and can be caused by insufficient oral hygiene and/or unwanted cementation residues. This can be stopped by going for more screw-retained implants in the future to avoid cementation of implants.

Q: What is the single most important thing to keep in mind to keep your implants for good.

Dr. Dominique Laatz: That is clear and widely agreed upon among the experts. Just like your teeth, implants need monitoring and maintenance, and a periodic check-up and professional cleaning if necessary. Still, I see many implant patients in Qatar with zero or almost no check-up and cleaning after implant placement. This has to be stopped in the future.

Q: Thanks for your answers.

Dr. Dominique Laatz: The pleasure was all mine, thanks.

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Source and cover image credit: German Dental & Dermatology Centre Press release

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