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Posted On: 1 July 2016 01:55 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

Your 7 Good Deeds for the last Week of Ramadan

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The last 10 days of Ramadan are increasingly about worship, getting closer to your God and prayer. It is a good time to also focus on being the best version of oneself or aspiring to get closer to this version. With the help of good deeds you can achieve self improvement which is very important during the holy month. Self reflection can give us insight on what we have accomplished, and what has yet to be done.

Speaking of… have you completed all of last week’s good deeds? Here are, for the last time this month, the 7 good deeds we have proposed for you. Finish Ramadan with a good sense of morale and with the most good deeds completed.

1. Do something extra in the household

I don’t think I need to give you examples for this one. If you see something undone, try to fit it into your busy agenda. Keeping the house tidy is never just one person’s job. Instead everyone can do their part and a little more. In addition to the obvious reasons for this deed, it also elevates the emotional atmosphere and mood!

2. Share your favorite readings and prayers

Apropos getting closer to your God; you can help other’s find the same sense of closeness to religion by sharing your favorite passages or prayers. Read them together or handwrite them to a friend. This is inspirational, spiritual, and an intimate exchange of writings that have emotional meaning to you. Bring others closer to God by bringing them closer to you!

3. Aid an older person with technology

Born in the 70s, 80s, or 90s you have a stronger connection and understanding of technology than your parents or grandparents. Whether it’s a language, mathematics or technological knowledge, it is easier acquired at a young age. Having more or less grown up with computers, internet and later mobile phones, we have internalized skills that are as natural a making tea. Give an elderly or older person some time to explain something they don’t understand. No one taught them how to make a skype call and they may feel disconnected.

4. Put bird food out

We have some exotic visitors in Qatar from Europe and other colder places during the year when people put out grains and water. Try to do the same during those hot summer days. Birds are creations of this world and God too and deserve a nice meal. It’s the TLC you can give to our flying friends. Be kind to animals!

5. Hand-make Eid cards

Cards are a nice gift for everyone, whether you fast or not. Get together with some friends and start making cards for Eid; it’s only one week till Eid! Let togetherness and creativity be the theme and enjoy a fun afternoon! Tip: Decorated polaroids make cute Eid Cards!

6. Paint Iftar plates

While we’re talking about creativity and crafting… There aren’t enough pretty patterns for all the fabulous iftars! Have an idea about a design? Don’t wait for it to be created by some company for you to buy. DIY! At Café Ceramique you can sit for hours on end painting on porcelain. Your iftar table will definitely be the most unique!

7. Tell your mother you love her

Don’t reserve those three words for Mother’s Day only! You should continuously let her know about your feelings for her. Mothers are so special it must be acknowledged all the time! Don’t just blurt it out but tell her at a time she can appreciate your kind words.

This is the last list of good deeds for this Ramadan. Remember this is a list to get inspired to do good and not a list of chores to tick off. We hope you’ve enjoyed completing some of these and that you are a new and improved version of yourself this Eid!