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Posted On: 19 April 2009 10:28 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:09 pm

Unstable weather keeps prices of fish high

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Prices of fish in the central market have remained high over the past week due to unstable weather conditions coupled with a fall in the daily catch. Most of the popular varieties of fish were priced at QR30 to QR40 per kilogramme yesterday — two or three times higher than the normal prices. The strong winds that the country has been witnessing over the past two weeks have prevented many fishermen from going out to the sea, causing the prices to shoot up. However, vendors in the market point out that the prices had not fallen even after normal weather returned. “With the change in the season, the quantity of the daily catch has come down. This is the main reason for the high prices,” said a vendor. Hamour and King fish were priced between QR25 and QR35 per kilogramme yesterday, while other popular varieties like Rubeeb, Jest and Zubaidi cost between QR30 and QR45. “The number of visitors has also come down due to the high prices,” lamented the vendor. While the fish market attracted fewer than normal customers, the fruit and vegetable vendors in the neigbouring area have been making brisk business with their attractive prices. The main attraction of this newly-emerged market is that fresh vegetables and fruits are offered here at prices that are far lower compared to the retail prices across the city. This market, which attracts huge crowds every morning, has kept the prices, which normally go up after winter, low. The part-time vendors in this market, who operate until noon daily, are now issued identification cards by the municipality.