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Posted On: 16 August 2009 10:51 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

Two shoplifters land in prison

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Paper Boy
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Two Arab women have been sentenced to one-year imprisonment and subsequent deportation for shoplifting. A Doha court of first instance heard that the two women, in their 40s, were caught possessing 19 gold-plated jewellery items, including ear-rings and necklaces, worth QR300 which they stole from an outlet in a Doha shopping mall on March 1 this year. After the women were caught, they were brought to the shop and the shopkeeper recognised the items. He told the court that the two women left the shop without paying for the items and that “the police brought them to us and when we checked our stock, we found that the pieces in their possession were not registered as sold items.” The shopkeeper who testified as a witness also said that the store’s alarm did not go off if the stolen items were too small. Explaining the conviction, the court said that there were sufficient evidence to convict the two Syrians of shoplifting. The court dismissed their denial during the trial saying that their confessions during separate interrogations were reasonable and coherent. According to the court papers, the two women also confessed of stealing items like belts, watches, perfumes and children’s clothes from other shops as well. They also said that they failed to steal a laptop from a famous store in the shopping mall. They are now awaiting separate trials for each of the four other shopliftings they allegedly committed on the same “shopping day.”