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Posted On: 4 March 2019 08:26 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:20 pm

Top 5 activities for children (that include plenty of physical activity)

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Many of you have children and, I am sure, as many of you struggle to keep your kids away from screens and all kinds of electronic devices. It’s an ongoing battle (at least, I feel it is and our home is a constant battle zone with me on one side and my two children on the other). All I want them to do is limit their screen time and concentrate more on physical activities that are, obviously, a lot healthier for both the body and the mind, and a much better way to spend one’s time.

I remember when I was a child, I never wanted to come indoors and loved playing a variety of games with my friends and cousins. Children today, are just so addicted to screen time that it borders on obsession, and, I know most parents will agree with me when I say, they need some other activities that will stimulate them in a better way.

That’s why I have come up with the Top 5 activities in Qatar that children are 100% guaranteed to enjoy, that will ensure they get plenty of physical activity and also keep us parents happy.

CanDo in Doha

CanDo Doha
Image title: CanDo - where digital games and physical activity go hand-in-hand

CanDo is a unique and innovative Qatari concept and idea. It’s located in the Gate Mall and is an entertainment centre that combines interactive digital games with different physical activies (now doesn’t that sound like music to the ears, dear parents?!?!?!).

CanDo is geared towards children that are five years and above and comprises of games that are specifically designed to engage children in an interactive environment and encourage them to use their discovery skills and increase their scientific knowledge and combining it with physical activities.

The centre is divided into three different ‘fun zones’: Green Zone, Red Zone and the Yellow Zone.

The Green Zone

The children are given their very own personal battery. All they have to do is recharge it and them redeem it against a number of different attractions. The children must generate energy through physical activity like cycling, rowing, balancing, dancing and jumping otherwise the battery won’t get charged. The more physical activity they do, the more energy they generate and the more charged is their battery

Red Zone

The children take their charged battery to the Red Zone and redeem the energy in it for attractions that include 4D rides, 4D movies, video games, bowling and more.

Yellow Zone

The Yellow Zone enables the children to generate more energy for their personal battery by solving mind games and also trying a number of sensory activities.


Location: 2nd Floor, Gate Mall, West Bay, Doha – Qatar
Price: QR 95 for an hour; QR 150 for two hours; QR 200 for three hours and QR 400 for the day (all packages are inclusive of bonus points)
Timings: Saturday to Thursday: 10 am - 10 pm; Friday: 1 pm - 11 pm
Tel: +974 4020-6414 / 6680 3422

Bounce Doha

Doha's very own trampoline park
Image title: Doha's very own trampoline park

Bounce is jam-packed with lots of exciting, adrenaline-pumping things to do and it’s more than just a trampoline park; it’s all about free jumping and having lots of fun that’s combined with lots of physical activity. The best thing is that Bounce Doha is accessible to everyone, whether they are younger children, teenagers, mums and dads, air-sports athetes and a whole lot more.

So, whether you’re practicing your parkour moves, perfecting your aerial sports techniques, raising your heart-beat at its fitness classes, or simply having fun with friends, kids and family, it’s all about jumping high, and landing soft and safe.

There are plenty of different activities that are geared towards different age groups and different interests and activities that include Free Jump Arena, Slam Dunk, Performance, Big Bag, Dodgeball, The Wall, Cliff Jump, Super Tramp and the newly opened X-Park.

Location: 2nd Floor, Tawar Mall, Al Markhiya Street, Al Duhail South, Doha - Qatar
Prices: For pricing details, click here
Timings: Saturday to Wednesday: 10 am - 10 pm; Thusday to Friday: 10 am - 12 am
Tel: +974 4408 6500
E-mail: [email protected]

Laser War at Gondolania

Laser War is located in Villaggio at Gondolania and is game that’s filled with physical activity and teaches children the concept of team work when playing as a team (children can play individually as well).

Whether children play individually or as a team, this recreational activity allows players to score points by tagging players in the opposing team or the individual opponent with hand-held phaser weapons as they run away and try to hide.

The laser wars arena can hold up to a maximum of 34 players at a time, and this is an ideal physical activity for older children and one that they are bound to enjoy.


Location: Gondolania Arena, Villaggio Mall, Aspire Park Street, Al Waab, Doha - Qatar
Price: Qr 40 per session per person
Timings: Saturday to Wednesday 9 am - 11 pm, Thursday to Friday: 9 am - 12 am
Tel: +974 4403 9800

Archery Tag Qatar

Archery Tag Qatar
Image title: Enjoy some physical activity with your children at Archery Tag Qatar

Archery Tag is the latest craze that's targetted Qatar and it's becoming increasingly popular among children that are seven years of age or over and adults alike so if you're looking for a family activity you can enjoy with your children, bond with them over and also get plenty of physical activity, then perhaps, this is the activity for you.

Archery Tag games can fit up to 24 (12 vs. 12) players at the same time with the minimum being 6 3 vs 3) players. The object of the game is to eliminate your opponents by hitting them with the arrows. Protective gear is a must.

To book a session of Archery Taq, click here.


Location: Al Ahli Sports Club, D-Ring Road, Doha - Qatar
Price: QR 85 per person (1 hour); for first timers, there is a discount (QR 85 per person [2 hours])
Timings: 4 pm - 12 am (everyday)
Tel: +974 5083 9179

EsQalar Sports Climbing Wall

mage title: Children learning how to climb a wall at EsQalar

The outdoor climbing wall at Doha’s Aspire Zone, EsQalar Sports, recently opened to the public. For the climbing community, who usually travel as far as Zekreet for outdoor climbing, it has been a long-awaited opportunity to scale new heights in the city. For the rest of Doha’s residents, the newly opened climbing venue offers another great outdoor activity to try out this winter. Of course, kids are natural climbers and scalers and a rock climbing wall is a great way to let the whole family explore new heights in a fun and safe environment. and offers a great opportunity to do some physical activity.

EsQalar also offers programmes specifically for children: the schools programme and the academy programme. Both courses run from mid-November to mid-May and offer two levels of instruction with each level running for a three-month period. The first level focuses on climbing skills, such as endurance, flexibility, body awareness and strength, climbing techniques, and using climbing gear. The second level focuses on lead climbing and building on the lessons learned in the first level. The schools programme caters for schools only, but the academy programme is open to the general public for children aged five to 15 years old. Single day group activities for 10+ children and birthday packages are also available.

For more information, visit their website given below.


Location: Aspire Zone, Al Waab, Doha - Qatar
Price: Prices start at QR100 for a single adult day pass, QR150 for couples and QR75 for kids. Unlimited access passes for periods of 10 days, one month, three months, six months and one year are also available.
Timings: Sunday to Friday 4 pm -11 pm (members: Sunday to Friday 4 pm - 11 pm; introductory course: Sunday to Friday 7 pm - 9 pm)
Tel: +974 6659 3070
E-mail: [email protected]

Are your children addicted to screen time? How do you keep them away from electronic devices? How much time do your children spend on them? Have your children tried any of the above activities? Will they? Do let us know your thoughts in our Comments section. Like and share the article - it keeps us going!