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Posted On: 26 January 2010 12:35 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

The University of Calgary – Qatar awarded funding for four research projects

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The University of Calgary – Qatar (UCQ) has been awarded funding by the Qatar National Research Fund for four dynamic research projects. Dr. Tam Donnelly, who heads up UCQ’s research team said, “This is an exciting and challenging time for us. This is the first step for us to prove we are a university that is research intensive in Qatar.” The projects will delve into: ‘Lifestyle Behaviours Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases Amongst Qatari Women,’ ‘Breast Feeding Practices in the State of Qatar,’ ‘International learning styles of post-secondary students in Qatar,’ and ‘Strengthening Primary Health Care in Qatar.’ Dr Imad Khadduri, Special Programs Manager of the Qatar National Research Fund said the UCQ submissions “were very good quality considering it was the first time the university competed for funding.” One of the criteria being judged by the peer viewers is how the proposals are contributing to the research culture in Qatar. Dr. Khadduri said, “The fact that the UCQ submissions surpassed the new threshold speaks to the quality of the faculty member’s ideas and how they are mentoring their students.” “It is a life time opportunity for us that we are involved with research. It is an honour for all of us to first plant the seeds of nursing research in the State of Qatar,” said Nahrida Nazir Band, one of the student’s involved in the research projects. Dr Donnelly said, “Getting the funding is only one third of our effort. We must now conduct and deliver the expected outcome of each research project.” “We are thrilled that our first ever submissions for grant approvals has had an 80 per cent success rate. It’s a testament to the quality of work by our students and faculty. This will be the students’ first opportunity to do research at the undergraduate level and gather evidence that they will be using in practice,” said Dr Sheila Evans, Interim Dean and CEO. “The Qatar National Research Fund has done a brilliant job of creating an undergraduate research programme,” said Donnelly. “The State has been very generous and we plan on delivering the finest quality research that will give it an excellent return on its investment.” UCQ said it is grateful to a number of Qatar stakeholders that will assist in the research. They include: Dr Jassim Al Suwaidi from Hamad General Hospital, Dr. Nishith Patel from HMC Women’s Hospital, Jessy Shibu, Head Nurse in the Postnatal Department of HMC Women’s Hospital and Layla Al-Jasmi, Director of Nursing, Primary Health Care.