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Posted On: 13 July 2015 04:40 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:15 pm

The Supreme Council of Health Launches its "Choose Healthy Eating Habits" Campaign

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Within the framework of its Comprehensive "Our Future Lies in our Health" Awareness Campaign. The Supreme Council of Health Launches its "Choose Healthy Eating Habits" Campaign


The Supreme Council of Health (SCH), the responsible authority for healthcare issues in the State, launched its “Choose Healthy Eating Habits” campaign with the aim of promoting the society's awareness of the importance of health eating.

This initiative comes as part of an extensive awareness campaign launched by SCH last month under the slogan “Our Future Lies in our Health” with the purpose of encouraging all segments of society to follow a healthy lifestyle and abandon harmful daily habits. The initiative also comes as part of the SCH’s vision to build a healthy future for the State of Qatar within the framework of the considerable efforts it exerts to develop the health sector in the state, which is in line with the National Health Strategy (NHS) 2011-2016 and in fulfillment of the Human Development pillar of the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030.

The “Choose Healthy Eating Habits” campaign will provide many awareness messages, activities and events that emphasize the importance of healthy eating and of having a balanced dietary system on a daily basis, as well as the role of these foods in the overall physical health and immunity to illnesses. In addition, it will offer information about the essential nutrients, how to prevent obesity and appropriate diets for different age groups.

In this context, SCH emphasized that: "Healthy eating is one of the vital issues at the moment worldwide. Thanks to our incessantly developing health sector, we are able to support building a society that is healthier, both physically and psychologically, through the dissemination of preventative methods, promotion of health education, and emphasis on the importance of a healthy dietary system".

SCH pointed out that this campaign is in line with its educational role towards all segments of society, saying that "it aims to reduce obesity, attract consumers towards healthy and organic foods, and raise the awareness about the harmful effects of junk food, as well as to assert the importance of proper nutrition and balanced dietary system in our daily lives.”

The “Our Future Lies in our Health” campaign will be ongoing for a year, focusing on the following three key awareness messages: Eat healthy, stop smoking and get active. SCH aims to get these messages across via numerous means and activities, on top of which are the awareness seminars at the public and private institutions, the distribution of pamphlets and brochures on the importance of healthy eating and sports in supporting the individual's physical and psychological state, interviews with the public at public places such as malls, and social and educational events that address all segments of the community, taking into account the cultural diversity in Qatar.