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Posted On: 27 July 2019 11:02 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:21 pm

The Ministry of Municipalities and Environment to do strict inspections on food outlets ahead of EID Al Adha

Abdullah Amir
Abdullah Amir
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The Ministry of Municipalities and Environment, represented in its municipalities, announced a comprehensive plan for Eid Al Adha, focusing on intensifying and tightening health control on all food establishments, especially slaughterhouses, butcheries, consumer complexes to name a few, with determining the dates and mechanism of inspections.

The municipalities' plans set out the tasks of its units, departments and agencies for Eid Al Adha, including continuous cleaning and supervision operations, as well as daily inspection of slaughterhouses, public kitchens and consumer complexes and centers to ensure the safety of products offered for sale and the way food is stored and traded. The plan have also defined the ways and times of receiving complaints and alerting to the necessity of complying with the sanitary requirements of buildings, establishments and parks, the proper handling of foodstuffs, monitoring any irregularities that are seized and taking appropriate legal action against violators in order to protect public health.

The plans included guidelines and advice on the slaughter of sacrificial animals and the need to do so in approved slaughterhouses under veterinary supervision.

Source: QNA
Image Credit: The Peninsula Qatar