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Posted On: 5 November 2012 11:54 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:12 pm

The Ladies Scientific Club's Mechanics Workshop Al Ahbabi: “The donation supports the empowerment of Qatari Women and Youth Fosters a knowledge-based, civil society"‬

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Sykes Honors the 2011 Graduates: "The Mechanics Workshops Contribute to the Safety of the Qatar Community" Doha, November 4, 2012 – International exploration and production energy company, ConocoPhillips, renewed this morning its sponsorship for the 3rd consecutive year of the Ladies Scientific Club in Qatar operating under the auspices of the Qatar Scientific Club (QSC). Gary Sykes, ConocoPhillips President in Qatar paid a visit this morning to QSC accompanied by a delegation of company officials to inaugurate the 2012-2013 sessions of the Ladies’ Mechanics Workshops. He was received by Mr. Ali Salem Al-Ahbabi, Vice President of QSC Board, Mr. Hatem, QSC General Manager and Mr. Ibrahim, QSC Executive Director as well as Ms. Roqayya Shoeib, the creator & coordinator of the Ladies Scientific Club and its Mechanics Workshops. The visit included a comprehensive review of the Ladies Mechanics Workshops Program, FY2012-213, a documentary on the Ladies’ Scientific Club’s activities as well as a celebration ceremony where Mr. Sykes handed out graduation certificates to the ladies who have completed the requirements of the 2011 program. The QSC management further honored the ConocoPhillips visiting President and delegation. In his welcome notes, Mr Al-Ahbabi, QSC Vice President stated: “We commend ConocoPhillips for its sustainable contribution to the Ladies QSC division, a commitment that highlights the company’s dedication to the causes of women and youth empowerment, the establishment of a knowledge-based society and supporting the role of non-profit non-government organizations such as QSC. It is a worthy commitment to the Qatar 2030 vision as perceived by HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar, HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, the Heir Apparent, and HH Sheikha Mozahbint Nasser Al-Misned, the patron of Qatari women. He concluded: “It was indeed a pleasure to host Mr. Sykes and his accompanying delegation during this visit to witness the development of our distinguished graduates after another year of pursuing the various programs of the Ladies Scientific Club.” In comment, ConocoPhillips President Gary Sykes stated: “It is indeed a pleasure to visit the Qatar Scientific Club and meet with its distinguished management as well as the members of the Girls Scientific Club. ConocoPhillips continues - for yet another year - to express its support for the activities of the Girls Scientific Club, under the auspices of the Qatar Scientific Club - one of the best established non-government centers in Qatar. We highly value and respect for role played by both in the context of the Qatar 2030 vision and pertaining national development plans. The Qatar Scientific Club fosters the cause of science and research among Qatari youths, male and female alike; a mission that we share at ConocoPhillips.TheGirls Scientific Club’s activities and courses in 2012 are recognized for their value to their individual participants as well as the Qatar community at large.The Girls Mechanics Workshops continue to be a worthy scientific and engineering undertaking that resonates with ConocoPhillips’ own belief in safety as a core value. “ He went on to add: “Whereas it is undoubtedly in the interest of every individual – man or woman alike – to master the mechanics and functions of the vehicle he or she chooses to drive, it is particularly important for ladies of all ages to master such skills because they often drive not only themselves, but also children, friends and other members of the family. Such skills will also help increase safety on Qatari roads in general, protecting pedestrians and other drivers from potential hazards caused by unpredictable auto mechanic failures.” Referencing his company’s support to the Kulluna campaign to enhance health and safety in Qatar, Sykes stated: “As the sponsors of a national safety and health awareness campaign in Qatar, “Kulluna,” ConocoPhillips considers its sponsorship of the Girls Mechanics Club yet another addition to this drive to make Qatar’s community safer and healthier. The Kulluna campaign is jointly organized with the Hamad Medical Corporation and the Hamad International Training Center, and aims at promoting the principles of health, safety and wellness in Qatar.” He concluded by saying: “I would like to once more thankthe young resourceful lady at the helm of the Girls Mechanics Club, Ms Roqayya Shoeib; for her dedication and perseverance. Most importantly, I would also like to extend our warmest wishes and thanks for the management of the Qatar Scientific Club for granting ConocoPhillips this opportunity to further support the Qatar leadership’s endeavors to achieve this country prosperity.” ILQ NEWS pic 2.JPGpic 3.JPG