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Posted On: 25 July 2016 06:41 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:16 pm

The Battle of the Brands Middle-East Features New Influencers

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The Battle of the Brands Middle-East has released its second episode in the first season of its web series this July. These episodes showcase various influencers, debuting the start of its season with Layla Al-Siyabi (aka BeingLayla.A, the fashion blogger and creator of the series), and also spotlight various brands across the Middle-East. These brands are “pitted” against each other when the influencer or blogger models and exhibits their outfits and accessories in the episode. By the end of the video viewers have to vote which they liked better for a chance to win various prizes through a random draw.

The second episode of BOTBME features Mohannad Bitar, who is also known as Mr. This Is Qatar on social media or Mr. TIQ for short. BOTBME not only presents women’s fashion, but men’s as well and also targets a trendy, younger generation of adults. The styles that are put together in the videos are fresh and unique, appealing to everyone tastes.


In the episode itself, Mr. TIQ presents two looks, the “Entrepreneur” and the “Influencer”, where he models brands such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Moschino. The location and story within the episode are very creatively shot, showing Mr. TIQ’s routine from morning to evening and capturing the brands and concept of the series in a fun way.

We can see BeingLayla.A also featured in the episode in a small role. She believes that this web series is a great way to showcase the business of brands and attract a unique audience.


“Our episodes not only creates a buzz, but also creates a positive community where there is communication, sharing, and the utilization of social media in the hippest way,” she said.

The next episode of BOTBME airs sometime in September and can be found on the BOTBME YouTube channel here:

We look forward to more styles and distinct looks from the next influencer!

Wanted for next few episodes: Brand sponsors for handbags, footwear, and jewelry

Do you keep up with BOTBME or follow BeingLayla.A on social media? What are your thoughts on the series? Comment below!