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Posted On: 24 July 2020 02:42 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:22 pm

Qatar Media Corporation TV channel launched

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Qatar 2 TV channel of Qatar Media Corporation, was launched yesterday. The new channel will broadcast the most important materials presented by Qatar TV throughout its history.

H.E. CEO of Qatar Media Corporation Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al-Thani has reviewed earlier the last touches for the broadcast of Qatar 2 TV Channel, which will broadcast the most important materials presented by Qatar TV, including series, plays and variety programs.

The Assistant Director of Qatar TV and Program Director Mubarak Al Awami said on the launching of the new channel, that Qatar 2 TV will form a distinct mix of all the materials presented by Qatar TV throughout its history, noting that the launch of this channel was preceded by days of work to prepare the distinctive materials that deserve replay on the screen, as well as the preparation of a diversified program schedule including a number of series, plays and distinguished programs, indicating that the materials which will be replayed will attract viewers.

The teams of Qatar TV have been mobilized for a long time to prepare for the new channel, which is expected to generate large following in the coming period, as it includes various programs that have monitored distinct stages in the history of Qatar.

For his part, Hamad Abdel Reda, one of the content supervisors in the channel, stressed that the preparation for the launch of the TV channel started a long time ago, by holding a number of meetings in which the final form of the channel was agreed upon.

Abdel Reda added that the channel's teams will work to satisfy followers by choosing the beautiful stages preserved by Qatar TV programs, and presented throughout its history through many distinctive media and artistic celebrities.

Source: QNA
Image credit: Qatar Media Corporation