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Posted On: 1 May 2008 12:22 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:08 pm

Price freeze: Carrefour fixes prices of 50 items for 2008

Khalifa Al Haroon
Khalifa Al Haroon
Your friendly neighborhood Qatari
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Doha - Carrefour hypermarket chain in Qatar has decided to fix the prices of 50 food items until the end of 2008 in a bid to counter the rising inflation, and in the larger interest of the consumers. Carrefour, which has three outlets in Doha, is the first retail chain in Qatar to take this initiative, and said it was committed to providing basic amenities at controlled prices for a whole year. Food prices have been the biggest casualty of global inflation. Yet, Carrefour has decided to restrain the prices of some food items, irrespective of the rise in costs from any of its suppliers or other third parties. The company also said it would continue its efforts to sustain its reputation as the lowest priced retailer in the weekly list of 46 Fast Moving Consumer Goods published by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce on their website. The list is a comparison of costs of 31 food items and 15 other items among existing retail outlets in Doha. Carrefour's decision to fix prices emphasises its promise to provide value for money and the priority it places on its customers, the company said in a statement yesterday. Skyrocketing food prices has been an issue of major concern in many countries, including Qatar which pegs its currency to the dollar. Inflation in Qatar soared to a record high of 13.74 percent in December, and food, beverage and tobacco prices climbed 10.5 percent in the fourth quarter last year. In a bid to curb inflation, the United Arab Emirates said on Tuesday a supermarket chain had agreed to fix the prices of 56 basic food items at 2007 levels. The UAE's Union Cooperative Society, French Supermarket retailer Carrefour, and Abu Dhabi-based Lulu Hypermarket Group have agreed to fix prices of some food items to rein in inflation. On Tuesday, Lulu Hypermarket in Qatar said it was trying its best to control prices of basic food products directly imported by Lulu such as rice, meat, vegetables, edible oil and breakfast cereals. When contacted yesterday, Food Palace said they have no plans to control prices, while Q-Mart, Shoprite and Megamart have not yet issued any statements. Tannourine mineral water 1.5lx6 11.00 Capri-sonne orange 200mlx10 8.25 Mirinda orange 2.25l 3.25 Barbican non alcoholic beer apple 330mlx6 9.75 Highland sparkling water 0.5l 2.25 Persil powder detergent low foam 2.5kg 18.25 Pearl detergent high foam 4kg 19.75 Pearl dishwashing liquid peach 1l 5.50 Kleenex toilet roll yellow 6pcs 11.00 Nivea visage cleansing milk dry 200 18.00 Huggies diapers xl 17pcs 22.50 N1 pasta chifferini 1kg 4.75 N1 pasta conchiglie 1kg 4.75 N1 pasta fusilli 1kg 4.75 N1 pasta penne rigate 1kg 4.75 N1 pasta spaghetti 1kg 4.75 N1 pasta vermicelli 1kg 4.75 N1 foul small beans 40r 1.50 N1 hummos tahina 400gr 1.50 Puck cream plain 170gr 2.75 Ferrero rocher x30 pcs 30.75 Al momtaz evaporated milk 170gr 1.50 Similac advance 1 iq 900gr 53.00 Affco mushroom piece & slices 425gr 4.75 Cortas hummos tahina 185gr 2.00 Cleopatra egyptian rice 2kg grade a 8.00 Poppins corn flake 500gr 16.00 Najjar classic coffee 200gr 11.00 Cadbury cocoa powder 125gr 5.25 Redlabel loose tea 450gr 11.00 Tiffany glucose milk&honey 60grx12 6.25 Bahlsen biscuits delice 100gr 5.75 Kinder bueno 43grx3 5.00 Delmonte pineaple slice syrup 234g 2.75 White flour 2kg 8.00 Al ansari sugar 5 kg 13.50 Nada tomato paste 135grx8 6.75 Sipa vermicelli 453gr 3.50 Best pistachios can 450gr 31.75 Lay's potato chips ketchup 14grx25 11.50 Nutella hazelnut choco spread 200gr 7.25 Sandwich bread 850 gr - home made 3.75 Arirang milk bread 750 g 5.25 Florida juice orange 1.8l 13.25 Nada fresh milk low fat 1l 5.25 Nada uht milk low fat 1lx4 13.75 Nada white spread cheese 500gr 10.75 Al kabeer shrimps for cooking 1kg 19.75 Sadia chicken livers 450gr 3.75 Carrefour french fries 1kg 5.75 © The Peninsula 2008