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Posted On: 29 October 2019 07:11 pm
Updated On: 3 March 2020 11:59 am

Pay fines issued by Public Prosecution at HIA, MOI centres before you travel

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If you commit a crime in Qatar, you will probably be sentenced or fined for that particular crime. You won't be able to leave the country for any reason unless you've paid off the fine. Even if you try, the Hamad International Airport (HIA) immigration official will stop you because it will show up in your records.

To facilitate you and enable you to be able to leave the country, the Ministry of Interior's (MOI) Public Prosecution Department has installed special electronic self-service machines at MOI centres around the country and at HIA. These machines allow you to pay off any criminal fine that you have so you can have the travel ban lifted and you can leave the country with ease.

The self-service machine at the HIA will only take fines incurred by criminal offences in Qatar and will only lift travel bans issues by the Public Prosecution Department. All other travel bans must be sorted out at the MOI centres mentioned below.

Once the fine has been paid at the self-service machine, the travel an will automatically be lifted, and you will be able to travel. The machine is easy to use and has a multi-language (English and Arabic) interface.

Procedure for using the self-service machine

Once you've decided whether you want to use English or Arabic, entered your details (QID number and/or your Public Prosecution case number), you'll be able to request information about your criminal offences and the fine you have incurred. You will then pay your fine using a debit or credit card, receive a notification/confirmation on your mobile through sms or print out a receipt that you have paid your fine. Take your mobile with the sms or the printed receipt to the immigration officer. Your travel ban will be lifted and you'll be able to travel.

Pay fines issued by Public Prosecution at HIA, MOI centres before you travel

Locations of the self-service machines

  1. The main building of the Public Prosecution Department
  2. Ministry of Interior
    • Capital Security Department
    • Al Rayyan Security Department
    • Manage execution of sentences
    • Abu Samra outlet
  3. HIA

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