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Posted On: 15 September 2011 09:53 am
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:11 pm

Palestine’s ‘flying seat’ reaches Doha

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Doha: The Palestinian embassy in Doha has opened its doors yesterday to welcome the “Delegation for Palestine Deserves-East” in Qatar, that is taking around the world the future Palestinian seat in the United Nations. “This is the right time for the international community to fulfill its obligation towards the Palestinian people,” said Ayman Sbeih, Chief of the delegation. The Delegation has been taking the symbolic Palestinian ‘flying seat’ around the world, from Lebanon to Russia and now to Qatar, before going to New York, where the seat will be delivered to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, asking him to place the seat of Palestine among the seats of all other nations inside the hall of the General Assembly. “We started our journey from Lebanon, the country that has the biggest number of Palestinian refugees. Then we went to Moscow and now we are in Doha, as Qatar is holding the Presidency of the General Assembly in the UN,” said Walid Nassar, member of the delegation and Manager of Aiyal Radio Network. The twin delegation in the west side of the world is taking the ‘flying seat’ from Paris, to Madrid, Brussels, London, Dublin, and it will end its journey in New York, where the seat will be given to UN Secretary General. The US President Obama said in his speech on the Middle East that the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian war is the creation of two independent states side by side. However, the only obstacle to the creation of two independent states now seems to be a possible US veto in the UN Security Council. In fact Obama argues that a Palestinian state should be created only through the negotiation of a prior comprehensive peace agreement and not by going straight to the UN. “This seat is guaranteed by the international law. We will be disappointed by the US using the veto, but the United States has already used the veto against Palestine for 47 times in the UN and this didn’t stop Palestinians from pursuing the creation of their State,” said Sbeih. The stand taken by some European countries including Germany and France also seem conflicting with Europe’s general attitude that till now has helped the Palestinian people institutionalising their State. “The international community has been saying that Palestinians have the right to have their own state. The European countries have helped funding and institutionalising the state, but there is a contradiction here: how come that they have helped us building the state and then when it comes to recognise it, they all change their minds? There are double standards and we are not going to accept it,” he added. If the US would veto the Palestinian UN membership, they will have to hold the entire responsibility. Consequently the US will also loose any chance of being accepted again as a mediator between Palestine and Israel. The Peninsula