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Posted On: 25 January 2010 12:14 pm
Updated On: 12 November 2020 02:10 pm

MoI Lunches "Self Service Machine"

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Minister of State for Interior Affairs H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani inaugurated the "Self Service Machine" on Wednesday, 20/1/2010 at headquarters of the Qatar Post.The self service system will ease the delivery of the services rendered by the Interior Ministry. Abdul Rahman Al Oqaili, Chairman and Managing Director of QPost and directors of different departments in the Ministry of Interior attended the launching ceremony. Talking to the media on the sidelines of service launching ceremony, Brigadier. Saleh Khamis Al-Kubaisi, Director of information systems department in the MoI said "The "Self Service Machine " will deliver the services of Ministry of Interior easily to all segments of society including citizens and residents. The public can make query and complete their transactions through the new system with the help of specially installed device in the kiosk and ID Card round the clock without having to review at departments of the Ministry of Interior during the official working hours". Brig. Al Kubaisi also pointed out that the service provided by the machine is of highest level of security in confidentiality, privacy and flexibility in query screens as the device is operated only through the smart ID card and after confirming the identity of the user through iris recognition, fingerprint and password. The installed machines in various parts of the country will be monitored remotely by a number of monitoring cameras to ensure they are not misused. Explaining about the services provided by the machine, Information department's director added that a user can complete many transactions through the "Self Service Machine" such as inquiry about the basic information about himself such as expiry date of official documents (ID Card, Passport, Residence Permit and driving license), Residence Permit Renewal as user can renew residence permit of those who are on his personal sponsorship like servants, drivers and babysitters etc… Like that, he can also renew the residence permit of the company workers through the machine if he has been authorized to do so. Other services offered by the machine are issuance of travel permits for family members (Qataries), which enables the user to issue travel permits for Qataries, who are under the legal age group and whose travel outside Qatar requires travel permit from their patents, traffic fine payment as the user can enquire about the traffic violations on vehicles registered on his name and also can pay a specified fine or all fines through the machine, renewal of egate card, which is used in the airport for completing exit and entry procedures easily and swiftly, issuance of exit permit for expatriates who are on personal sponsorship of the user, such as servants, drivers and babysitters. The user can also issue exit permit for the company workers through this device, if he has been authorized to do so. "The Ministry of Interior has a plan for disseminating the "Self Services Machine" in a number of commercial complexes based on a study carried out in advance which measured the number of visitors to these malls and taking into account the geographical distribution of devices to cover most areas of the state. By launching this project, we aim at providing the services of Ministry of the Interior through multi channels whether through the internet or self-service devices in addition to the services provided by service centers spread throughout the state," pointed out Brig. Al Kubaisi. In regard of the strategy of Ministry of Interior to add some other services to this Self Service Kiosk, Lt. Col. Abdul Rahman Al-Malki, Assistant Director of Information Systems Department said " The Ministry can add any service in the future to the system as the system has been developed with this facility. We will add some new services to the machine in the near future such as cancellation of residence permits, transferring the residence permit from a passport to a new one, issuance of exit permit for vehicles, activation of eservices in the smart ID card and recovering and changing the password of the smart ID card". He also added that the ministry is coordinating with some commercial centers to install the Self Service Kiosk in order to delivery the services of the ministry to citizens and expatriates with out any difficulty. ILQ News