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Posted On: 19 May 2022 05:29 pm
Updated On: 19 May 2022 05:48 pm

Ministry of Interior arrests 2 individuals for money fraud

Tracy Quirino
Tracy Quirino
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The Criminal Investigation Department of the General Department of Criminal Investigation managed to arrest two individuals for carrying out fraudulent activities, which consisted of claiming to convert ordinary notes into cash (US dollars) using chemicals.

The details refer to receiving information about fraudulent activities, and immediately a specialized team was formed, and after intensifying the search, investigation and gathering of information, the accused were identified and after taking the necessary permissions in coordination with the competent prosecution, an ambush was prepared and they were caught in flagrante delicto.

The authorities found in their possession a large number of black notes prepared for fraud in the sizes of US dollar notes, in addition to some chemical solutions, powder and other tools used in fraud. By interrogating them and transcribing their statements, they confessed to what was attributed to them, and accordingly, the two accused and the seized items were referred to the competent authorities to complete their procedures followed in this regard.

The competent authorities of the Ministry of Interior call upon everyone to ensure that financial transactions (currency exchange) are conducted through approved exchange companies and banks and to avoid dealing with entities or persons who promote money exchange services with attractive interests outside the banking framework.

Source and cover image credit: Ministry of Interior